Illawarra District, Australia, February 12, 2007.
Midwayer Chief Beatrice (ABC-3).
Subject: “A Superior Brain and Mind.” (Part Transmission).

Received by George Barnard.

Beatrice: “That’s good. That’s fine. This is Secondary Midwayer, Beatrice, right here with you. I have this receiver in my clutches now, and I will endeavor to hold his attention for the duration of this chat, this lesson. Good day to you, my dear friends.

“I am the Midwayer who helped guide Dante Alighieri throughout his extensive writings over a prolonged period of time. I am the leader of one of the small clans of Midwayers that, from time to time, are appointed to undertake certain tasks by ‘Those on High’.

“My present job is to teach, and one might say I am enjoying a short holiday break from these activities. There are many (former humans) from this planet still unfamiliar with the daily goings on in which the Secondary and the Primary Midwayers are playing their parts. And so, together with student visitors from other planets, I teach them our and their Urantia history.

“For me, on this day, my given task is to discuss with you and, all who will learn about awareness – awareness of your behavior as it affects yourself and others; self examination of thoughts, feelings, motives – of the reason why you do the things you do, and therefore, and therewith, an opportunity for you to progress in this earthly life to, indeed, know yourself.

“This is your earthly stepping-stone into your eternal life, and an important one it is. Life – the golden opportunities and real hazards of your evolutionary existence here – have no ‘credibly suitable’, ‘hard knocks’ alternatives on the utterly safe mansion worlds. Whatever total spiritual, intellectual, and moral progress you depart with from this planet is what you start off with in your new life on the mansion worlds. However, should at any time your awareness of what goes on around you lag in certain ways about the seemingly mundane, there will be provided a period of time during which you can look back, when you can make comparisons with others, and do this much more openly than is possible on your world right now.

“On the mansion worlds you will be in receipt of a vastly different, superior brain and corresponding morontia mind with which to progress, and so it is inescapable for you to look back upon your earth life almost in a way of observing that terrestrial life as if it had been of another. There will be huge memory gaps, for it is typical of your human behavior to see more clearly the motivations of another, and perhaps be unaware of your own.

“In looking back upon your earth life and piecing it together bit by bit, event by event, you will be able to more clearly discern those instances where you were so right, those instances where you were so wrong, and in that realization ‘resides’ an aspect of your further progress.

“It has been my task to teach these things, bring together those who have already left your world, and re-acquaint them with each other to improve their collective memories. And after a short time, a short break here and now, I shall return to likewise exercises on Mansion World One.

“For me it has been a wonderful gift to be allowed this opportunity to say hello to all, and express my wish that at some time in the near future I may be granted a return to my home planet. This is Secondary Midwayer, Beatrice, signing off for now.”

George: “We thank you Beatrice.”

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