Oregon, USA, January 1, 2021
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “The Resolutions That Truly Matter”

Message received by Anyas

Thought Adjuster: “Your planet spins on its axis and orbits the sun at a steady pace. Yet humankind makes much ado about the nano-second demarcation line between the last exhalation of the fading year and the first breath intake of the brand-new one—overlooking the fact that every single one of its 365 days provides them with an equal reset opportunity.

Start each day with a stillness practice. It will tremendously help you to live with awareness, prompting you to swiftly make adequate course corrections under the life-coaching of your loyal inner Guide. Humbly admit to your temporary failures and modestly celebrate your progress. Set sustainable daily intentions – for yourself and your world at large. They will keep you moving toward the manifestation of a God-centered lifestyle that revolves around the absolute values of truth, beauty, and goodness.

Gift yourself with a diary in which you will make daily entries. Upon your asking, Spirit will help you fill its pages with inspired writings. Use its first virgin page as a thoughtful preface that will set the tone for rich content. Your heartfelt and thoughtful compositions will remind you of your worthwhile objectives.

Human beings need regular attunements to live life to the fullest. Because you are a multi-layered complex organism, it is a balancing act to cater to each one of its strata. By conducting regular check-ups, you can cross off your to-do-list the satisfactorily completed items while keeping a keen eye on the pending ones.

Your self-evaluation will reveal the subject matters assigned an unsatisfactory grade. Those are the ones you need to take to heart. It is not 'mission impossible' if they are realistic in their idealism. By doing your current best, you will shatter one by one the glass ceilings of stubborn resistance that stand in the way of your highest good.

How are you faring physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? All these facets clamor for focused attention. By getting physically in shape, your body will fulfill its mission statement of being in higher service. The same goes for your mental health. By catering to it, you will activate many of its dormant grey matter. What about your emotions? Are they downers or uplifters? You are the one regulating their thermostat.

Last but not least, how is your spiritual life? Have you neglected it to the point where it is an abstraction since you operate in a spiritual vegetative state that prevents you from having soul-shattering experiences? Once you prioritize it, your remaining existential aspects will fall into place organically. Connect with your inner Guide! Listen in humble receptivity for its enlightening input. Take it to heart and follow-through.

Throw yourself a 365-day challenge. Take a 'before' snapshot and ask me to draw you a portrait of what you will look like after your spiritual make-over. It will keep you motivated.”

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