Alabama, US of A, February 8, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Moment of Fusion.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “At the moment of fusion, your mind and the mind of your Thought Adjuster will be one. The ways of thinking will be in such harmony that it will not be possible to determine where the human mind ends and where the divine mind begins. From that moment on, you will not converse with your Thought Adjuster as if He was another person, as you do today. However, His wisdom and His guidance will be forever a part of your being, and His experiences will be available to you in the same way you presently remember the moments of your childhood.

“The mission of your Thought Adjuster at this time in your life is to elevate your thoughts to the level of spirit. At first it may be like a correction, but with time and depending on the degree of freedom you give Him – allowing for His will to be done – your thoughts will become more spiritual. The goal is that your mind will become incapable of producing even ‘a shadow of sin’, and that this will have become a habit so your Thought Adjuster will be able to attest that ‘this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased’.

“As you may guess, this is not a change brought on in just a couple of minutes each day. It is achieved by a moment to moment process. It is realized by living in the present. It requires that you be attentive of the things you create in your mind and learn to identify the input of your Thought Adjuster to help you validate your creations. Think about the way you learn something in school. At first you encounter a new situation and you must discover how to resolve this problem in books. In time and with experience you no longer need a manual and you remember the solutions you have learned in the past. Later, even when new situations arise, you can extrapolate original solutions based on your experience. Then, what you have learned becomes a part of you, and that which previously took many minutes or hours, you can now automatically resolve in just a few seconds. The same will apply with the development of your spiritual mind.

“Michael became a Master in identifying the will of His Father through His Thought Adjuster. He achieved this by getting to know His Father which in turn helped Him to know how to proceed in many situations during His life. However, when the problems became too complex, or when His soul needed some rest, He always spent time away from others in close communion with his Father. Likewise, during your life you will need to dedicate formal periods to meditation and adoration, but these activities will increasingly become a delight for your spirit as you learn more about your Father.”

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