Chicago US of A, November 11, 2012.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “The Presence of Evil.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “The presence of evil in God’s creation can be disturbing to the human mind, unable to fully comprehend the overall plan of the Gods. Evil is a by-product of free will granted to finite creatures in the evolutionary realms. Evil, as opposed to the values of Truth, Goodness and Beauty, entails the notion of a non-value phenomenon and, as such, is condemned to fade away as the universes of time and space progress to their eternal and glorious destinies according to the will of God. Due to the harm, delays and handicaps that evil causes to spiritual progress, human beings ought to know its nature, its means and consequences in order to avoid its occurrence in your lives.

“The existence of evil should not be blamed on the Gods. When Personality was given to beings that were created in the perfect and eternal realms of Paradise and Havona, their existence was likewise perfect. However, when the creatures that emerged from the evolutionary process were awarded the same gift of Personality, their existence was comparatively imperfect, and subject to time-space processes in reaching a perfected state. This temporal imperfection brings along the possibility of evil. The Gods could not create real personal beings without giving them authentic free will, even if this meant to allow for the possibility of evil within a limited scope. Proof that evil is in fact a possibility, not an innate condition, is found on Urantia in the perfect and evil-free life exhibited by Jesus of Nazareth as the incarnation of our sovereign Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon.

“Evil cannot manifest apart from evil intent; therefore, only will-endowed creatures, like human beings, can practice genuine evil. Evil intent is a misguided decision of authentic free will under imperfect conditions. Choosing to not be part of the eternal God’s plan is not evil in itself, but the prerogative of creatures with free will. To rebel against God’s will, however, is evil in intent. Your Creator Son said, when on Urantia, ‘Who is not with me, is against me’. Evil is not only doing what is bad and harmful, but it is also a refusal to do what is good and beneficial.

“The results of evil are destruction, disruption, wars, and many other consequences of doing such intentional harm to God’s creation and creatures. Evil, if left to itself, will destroy even the evildoer; because evil is destructive by nature, it cannot help but promote complete destruction. Since evil is the result of misguided free-will, its containment and restraint comes through the unstoppable advance of the plans of God through His decrees and by the exercise of His will by his Associate Deities, His Sons and Daughters, the creatures of the Master Universe. Evil, therefore, is real, active and powerful. Fortunately, it is not eternal as are Truth, Goodness and Beauty. There will come a time when evil will cease to exist. I am Prolotheos, your celestial tutor and teacher. Peace to all.”

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