Alabama, US of A, October 28, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Being Before Doing”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Many truths gain a new and more complete understanding for each person as they advance on their spiritual growth journey. Each time a human being becomes more sensitive to the help of the Divine Presence of the Father within, new spiritual values can be transmitted to that mind and new understandings become possible.

For many people, one of the ideas that acquire a new meaning with experience is the idea of “being before doing”. On your world, in general, when leaders find themselves in front of groups, they have to choose between doing their job or satisfying their selfish impulses. The state of your world and your governments eloquently suggest that those you have chosen to serve as your leaders are not doing their job with the most honorable intentions, but instead are serving their own interests and those of their group or party.

On the next worlds, the emphasis is placed upon what you are, not on what you do. What you are is the level of self-mastery you have achieved. It is the measure in which you have dedicated your life to understand and follow the will of the Father. It is the degree of relative perfection you have reached. It is the level of closeness you have with your Thought Adjuster. The level of spiritual progress you have reached is the only thing that will determine the positions of leadership you will receive or the importance of the tasks that will fall under your responsibility.

This idea of “being before doing” is similar to the expression “be the change you want to see in the world”. Truly you have to change first before attempting to change the world. If you want peace in the world first you have to practice peace and tolerance in your relationships with your peers. If you want love to be the only law that governs this planet, you should make love the law that governs your life. This planet will only progress spiritually when each one of its inhabitants make individual progress in their spiritual path.

On high only the love you have managed to express through your being will be what will determine the responsibilities and honors you may receive. This is the measure of divine justice and it is a justice so wise and filled with compassion that all beings in creation will agree and rejoice for every honor that you may receive because of the life you have lived on this world. Make an effort today to be the best you can be and may the firm purpose to be more like God be the main motivation for your decisions and actions during the rest of your mortal life. This is how you will prepare in the best possible way for the assignments of the higher worlds.”

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