New Mexico, US of A, November 18, 2003
Cherubim Bob, and Sanobim Lady
Subject: "Your Electro-Chemical Make-Up."

Received by Gerdean Bowen

Bob: "Cherubim Bob and Sanobim Lady are here.

We have been here for some time but this mortal’s brain is a bit like "rush hour traffic" this evening. It has been hard to get into the flow of things. Then, when we got in the lane of traffic, we had to stop for her babbling, so let’s see if we can help calm her down and enjoy the ambiance of your moment, and the fireplace, which is a nice touch, albeit noisy, which is yet another distraction.

This is a good point for me to bring to your attention: the fact of your electro-chemical makeup. Your electro-chemical makeup is a bit like your motor, and yet it is not "in" you so much as it is vibrating off of you and around you. There are times when surely you must be aware of your electro-chemical nature, for the personality becomes quite caught up in that energy system.

There is something about the electro-chemical system that gives you a sense of being alive, even a liveliness, that is easily construed as activism or having a good time. But the same thing can be said for children, addicts, or the mentally ill, for manics are in a crazed state as a result of their electro-chemical system being on overdrive.

It is no wonder you people have trouble slowing down and getting into meditation techniques and stillness practice. Like children, addicts and the mentally ill are in need of supervision, also are you. And yet it falls within the realm of possibility that you yourselves could begin to understand something of your electro-chemical system and moderate it such that you have greater control over your life, in the material/mechanical sense.

I just called this to your attention, because it has been our observation that in these tumultuous times of chaos, and of accelerated telecommunication, your electro-chemical system is somewhat stimulated beyond your capacity to make sense of it, and so you remain unconscious of it. I come along now and invite you to notice your own electro-chemical system. And having identified it, it then behooves you to have an appreciation of it such that you know how to take it in hand, so that it stays balanced.

Even though it feels good to get "revved up," in order that you may justify feeling "laid back," the hum of a well-modulated electro-chemical system gives off charm, social fragrance, and a spiritual aura.

"That’s better now — at least somewhat."

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
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