Asheville, NC, US of A, February 5, 2022.
From the Desk of Chris Maurus.
Subject: “Experiencing Conscious Contact – Part 9”

Dear Friends and Light Workers,

This continuing series will expand and explain the eleven facets identified in Part 3, “The Framework for Conscious Contact.” This message takes a deeper look at the seventh facet:
“7. Questions (define one or two main questions that you want Spirit to reveal)”

Asking questions is fundamental to your soul progress and development. The creation of the time space universes was born from the original question: Who AM I? The prime edict from the Universal Father calls to you: “Be you perfect, as I AM perfect.” This requires that the universe answers your questions as an inherent function of perfection attainment and never does it solicit unwanted advice.

It is your birthright as a living soul to know the answers to your questions, whether it is answered immediately or in a thousand years into your ascension career — It shall be answered if it is important to you and for your progress as a soul. Also know that what comes back as an answer is relative to your spiritual maturity as a soul. Think about when a child asks you a sincere question? How do you answer? You consider the age-appropriate response according to the child’s intelligence and ability to comprehend new concepts. Likewise, you might ask the same question decades apart and get a different answer — not one of contradiction, but of refinement and clarity.

Asking questions during your Conscious Contact (CC) session is a most opportune time to seed the universe for guidance pertaining to your sincere curiosity to know and grow. Your experience(s) with the answer then contributes to the completion of universe destiny — the Great Plan. Since it is your right to know, it is therefore your responsibility to ask. Your experience is an attempt to see if the answer matches the question. Your participation in asking and receiving — then acting, is part of the echo back to the Creator’s original question: Who AM I? It is a perfect feedback system.

Asking questions creates light in the Divine Matrix — it is the input that requires an output. Your Thought Adjuster is the Divine Operator that facilitates this input/output functionality. Those that do not ask, will not know. Before you begin your CC session, think deeply about the questions you want to ask. It may be that during step six “Statement of condition” self-evaluation, that questions will surface within you that will help you better understand yourself and how to overcome some problem of adversity cause by conditioning, myth, or social pressure? Questions are keys that unlock confusion and dispel darkness. Finding clarity (truth of being) is progress, and progress leads to greater attunement with the Indwelling Spirit.

“My Beloved, how can I know you more with my human heart and mind?” “Can you please guide me on the path that leads to greater awareness of you — greater attunement with you — greater understanding of love, and greater understanding of my potentials to become more like my Heavenly Father?” “What path of service will lead me to growth and progress?”

When the Creator asks, “Who AM I,” the time/space universes were born as the answer. When a child of the Creator sincerely asks, “Who AM I?” the universe will respond by showing you who you are not.

You are not separate and apart, but “a part” of the Whole.

You are not broken, fallen, or unlovable — you are imperfect by design, learning, growing, and becoming the love you seek.

You are not ignorant or unlearned, you are a wealth of potentials waiting to be discovered.

You are not alone — the Creator lives within you, loves you, and is invested in your progress to become a universe citizen — to share in your journey — to answer the question, “Who AM I?”

Stay with me on the journey.

Peace to you,
Chris Maurus

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.