Oregon, USA, January 5, 2021.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Assertively Claim Self-Governance.”

Message received by Anyas.

“Fear and anger weaken character and destroy happiness.” [UB, 140:5.6]

Thought Adjuster: “The ineluctable, universal Law of Cause-and-Effect is a tricky predicament. Chain reactions occur at all levels of existence — more easily detectable at the material and emotional planes. They work both ways.

What I mean by that is that events trigger emotional feedback. Those living with a lack of self-awareness blame others for their unpleasant emotional state. They chronically act as helpless victims while allowing adversity to defeat them.

A wide array of emotional options is available to you. Once you realize it, you can assertively claim self-governance, instead of surrendering to preventable hostile takeovers.

Shouldn’t you base all your decisions on how they impact your highest good? Fear is a ruthless terrorist, ever looking for easy prey to sting with its paralyzing venom before cannibalizing it.

Call its bluff, as its innate cowardice cannot withstand courage. Activate the power of your rightful indignation to catapult you out of your dark emotional place. Instead of going irrationally and dangerously ballistic, use your legitimate anger as a protective shield to keep harm at bay. Promptly regain your inner peace by taking an urgent time-out to devise adequate come-backs. Wisely cherry-pick mature emotions amid inner turmoil. It will foster your soul growth and significantly boost your emotional immune system.

Gratitude should be your natural go-to. It will teach you to appreciate the silver lining of any given situation, allowing its light to penetrate them and reveal that the pros supplant the cons. You will become proficient at refusing to take their deprecating ‘no’ for a final answer, thus granting you the last word.

Happiness is everyone’s objective. It will infuse your life once you meticulously conduct a spring cleaning of your emotional junk. Nip volatile emotions in the bud instead of enabling their proliferation by foolishly catering to their bulimic appetites.”

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