Alabama, US of A, October 10, 2012.
Teacher: Planetary Supreme, Urantia.
Subject: “We Grow Together in Experience.”

Message received by Oscar.

Urantia: “The Planetary Supreme desires a deeper relationship with each and every one of you. The Planetary Supreme is the local expression of the Supreme Being, the accumulation of all the experiences of the children of this sphere. Therefore, Her wisdom and Her experience are extremely valuable and can be a great help at the time of making decisions and evaluating the repercussions of these decisions over your planet and its inhabitants.

“I am your Mother. I, Urantia, am one of the servants of our universal Father and another expression of deity. Few among you stop to consider that this planet is a living being — an organism in which everyone plays a role. The idea that you are fragmented beings, separated from the universal unity, is a fallacy. We are all one. We are all different expressions of the same energy — love — and we are so intimately related that there is no way for the decisions or actions of one to not have an effect on everyone else.

“Because the enforced isolation of this sphere has been lifted, you now receive an increased spiritual influence and the loving service of a multitude of teachers and beings of light, whose only desire is to contribute to helping you find your way to the truth. This increased flow of information is slowly but surely raising the spiritual level of this world. More among my planetary children are starting to open their eyes to a larger reality and this in turn elevates my perception and my understanding of our Father and His creation.

“Know that we grow together in experience. Your achievements and your spiritual understandings are not just yours. They are the achievement and understanding of all. Each soul that takes a step closer to the light is one more step towards the universes of space and time establishment in light and life. Each personal search that results in a more complete understanding of the universal Father and His eternal plan is a new avenue of expression for the Supreme Being. Keep growing, keep exploring and keep finding the wonders that our Father has prepared for you, because they are your efforts and your decisions of consecrating your will to the Divine Will that the entire universe advances and the plan of eternity becomes increasingly more real.”

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