Urantia, March 26, 2013 (date of Transcription).
The Beloved One.
Subject: “Divine Sustenance.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “At this precious moment of Inner Stillness, I am presented with a most wonderful opportunity for me to speak a few words on Divine Sustenance and what this truly implies. These are not words to be taken lightly, for when one honestly thinks about these words, and spends some time in deep thought about the true meaning, one has elevated one’s thoughts into the realm of spirit. It is in this realm where true prayers and petitions are heard.

“It is the realm from which human thought rises into the divine regions wherefrom all help can come forward when earnest, honest, sincere and heartfelt prayers are offered. This is so very important, for by the time the mortal elevates his or her thoughts into these regions of bliss, an unknown peace will surround the human body which might at first not be noticed, but which will have a most beneficial effect on the physical temple. By this I mean to tell you that such is the divine sustenance, which is so freely available to anyone who makes an effort to engage in periods of silence to make contact with the upper regions of the mind where they will find me waiting.

“As has been said before, you all have a Spark from the living God waiting in you to make this all important connection, even though at first you may feel that you are not successful. Believe me when I say that even the slightest of efforts in this direction shall not go unnoticed, and even your guardian angels take note of these matters. And further, allow me to assure you that dedication with perseverance always brings results. So again, I am treading yet another well-worn path of exhortation of your coming into the Stillness of your heart, to receive, and benefit from, your daily dose of divine sustenance. This you can do as often as a need arises, or if you just want to companion me to tell me that you love me too.

“Let me tell you that I, at all times, surround you with my unconditional love, even though you do not notice, or have never noticed, my Presence in you. However, when you engage in this practice on a regular basis, your mental and emotional health will greatly benefit from my calming influence. This will always have its positive effects on the human system. You will gain the advantage of constantly improving health of your physical temple, which houses your precious spirit, and which needs my divine sustenance to grow and prosper.

“So, what is it that keeps you away from God’s divine sustenance? Is it your doubts? Is it your disbelief? Then I suggest you give it your best effort for a while, and prove me either right or wrong. Still, just a little warning here; the effort you put forth into coming to me and imbibing of my presence is all up to you. Please, do not forget that I am always waiting for you to come to me.

“It’s your call.”

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