Alabama, US of A, February 18, 2011.
Christ Michael.
Subject: “Search for me in your soul.”

Received by Oscar.

Christ Michael: “Does the ease by which you ‘hear’ my words surprise you? Don’t you believe that, as the Creator of this local universe and all its inhabitants, I have the power to communicate with each and every one of my children? In this world, knowledge is still limited, but truth is being revealed. Everybody has access to Me, at any time, and anywhere at all, through the Gift from my Father (the Thought Adjuster). It is yet another way for Him to be in touch with His children. He has spoken to Me and has also spoken to you, and you can be sure that we both take the time to listen. The Father and I are always working for you, within you, and through you. It is in your creative endeavors that our influence becomes evident, when your impulses obey the will of the Father, and when your frequencies are tuned to the energy that sustains the universes – love.

“The need to be recognized is not something that can be found in divine personalities. I don’t become angry if you talk to me thinking that you are talking to My Father. He doesn’t become perturbed if you talk to Him using my name. We are one, as you and I are one. My words are His words, for they are the same. What does make a difference is that you try to hear us, so we can, and will, be there for you. Every time you think about Me, you think about the Father. What you admire about Me, you also admire about our Father. When I rejoice about your progress our Father also rejoices. We are one.

“How is it possible that two personalities can be one? Personality is a gift from the Father and personality is what registers life experiences throughout time or throughout eternity. A being without personality can’t know how much growth has taken place, how much it has changed, or how much experience it has accumulated. Your personality is also very different to mine, and yet I tell you that you and I are one. What joins us is that we share the same Cause and we will attain the same Destiny – God. When achieving harmony with Him we become alike, and once you have reached finality, in all the situations that we could face throughout the universe we may act differently but we will always do what our Father would do, if He were in our place. There will always be unity of purpose.

“Always search for me in your soul and I will answer. Stop searching for Me ‘out there’, but find me in your heart and in your mind, where I might possibly be more effective?

“Indeed, I jest. One’s worthwhile sense of humor never fades.”

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