Illawarra District, Australia, April 10, 2013.
Cherubim Frank.
Subject: “Near Perfect Organization.”

Received by George Barnard.

Frank: “It could be said that our Planetary Prince, Machiventa Melchizedek, has his finger on the pulse, but to the psychologists we are, this would not quite ring true. It would be better to profess that he is in touch with the total, or more accurate to state that he has a feel for the overal needs of the planet. Specifically, because 11:11 Progress is first of its kind in that it is all for progress, it is perhaps interesting for you to learn how feedback is achieved allowing the Prince to make the decisions pertaining to 11:11 Progress.

“Urantia is now in a friendly universe, no longer an imperfect local administration with a corrupt overarching planetary government. This we call the Time of Correction, an era of rectification, leading towards Light and Life. There are chiefly no secrets in the higher realms where even the most private of information must be made known to those whose business it is to assess, yes, appraise creature behavior. Your Angels pass on relevant information, and the appointed Progress Seraphim collate all data of needs and potentials.

“With this, from this, the awesome Melchizedek minds determine what each of the 11:11 Progress Receivers will hear from their respective Teachers. The Teachers are given their individual guidelines, whilst both their expertise and that of the individual mortal receivers is held in mind. It is for this reason subscribers will tell you that certain transcripts of transmissions match their meditation insights of that day, or that the message was just what they needed. The work sent out is then the best of what feeds 11:11 Progress needs.

“Whilst countless transmissions are yet to be formatted during the years to come, there is often still a request to resubmit an occasional ‘oldie message’, because more than a few subscribers need to be reminded. Besides, as a ‘week’s worth’ of celestial messages are lined up in advance, Personal Seraphim have ample chance to ‘manufacture’ suitable dreams to complement the message of the day. One can safely suggest that celestial organization functions near to perfection when one discard the concept of coincidence.

“It’s no great secret that much of this also depends on the tranquillity of mind the receiver can attain to be guided in the work. However, there is one more factor, as Chief Bzutu made clear: ‘They’re just good messages.’ So consider you are needy, a long way from perfection, and we, your kin in the invisible spheres, need to do what we can by functioning to near perfection. This is Frank and Alice, leaving you our love. Goodbye.”

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