Illawarra District, Australia, January 29, 2016.
Machiventa Melchizedek.
Subject: “Stop Talking, Start Listening.”

Message received by George Barnard.

George: “Whilst the Urantia Papers are a channeled work — you after all did show me the process of hypnosis, the ‘sleeping’ receiver and the ‘shorthand’ lady — almost everyone with anything to do with the Urantia Book (UB) gives the receivers of celestial messages the ‘thumbs down’ signal. I’m suggesting, quite bluntly so, that you produced a left-brain book for left-brained readers that keep missing the important point of that massive tome.

“And no, I’m not quite finished here. We really don’t need to know the age of the world and whether God put dinosaur bones under the ground just to confuse us all about this world being only 6,000 years old. He did not put bones under the ground. We already concluded all that. Most importantly, the Jesus Papers clearly advise us to stop talking to God and start listening to what He and His myriad Teachers have to say. OK. Now I’m quite done.”

Machiventa: “A number of us understand that you see any so-called holy book as a source of information only, rather than some item to be treasured. We also gather that you are prepared to state all that . . . in a politically incorrect way . . . on the very strength of having thousands of readers that are likely to feel as you do. More power to you, brother, and we do not necessarily disagree with what you here propose.

“It is important for you to realize that three groups of personalities had their input into the Urantia Papers. These were, firstly, the by-and-large passed-on discoverers of existing human knowledge. In this first instance the celestial grouping of authors merely collated what you collectively already knew, had or had not shared or had or had not forgotten.

“In the second instance there were the celestial organizations to ‘fill in the gaps’ where literary connections had to be made. In truth, very little in real revelation was inserted into the Urantia Papers mix.

“Your ‘left-brain’ remark presumably stems from the situation as you see it now. Relatively speaking you are but a tiny group that have been awakened to the Urantia Teachings being made available (receiving of celestial messages) more so now, as well as more easily now than in the past, circuitry permitting.

“Thirdly, however, what you are failing to see here is that the Urantia Contact Commnission and the Forum asked their left-brain questions that largely got them their left-brain answers. It was through their questions that the Contact Commission, but more directly the Forum, can be seen as in a roundabout way having both clarified and edited the Urantia Papers.

“In time you will find more effort will go into discovering what the man, Jesus, did to establish His exceptional connection with His Adjuster, yes, and with other celestial personalities. In time you will find more believers of the Urantia Papers investigating personal contact with the Teachers. In time the Urantia Papers as they are, appealing to your left-brainers as they are, will spawn more adequately the receivers of our Mentors’ messages this world will need.

“And in time, perhaps looking back from another world, you will see a better balance between those of reason and those of co-creativity, those who keep talking and those who will listen. Carry on, my friend and co-worker. You are doing well. This is Machiventa.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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