Chicago, US of A, January 9, 2016.
Teacher: Prolotheos.
Subject: “The Importance of Change.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Change is the soul of experience. Change is not only an activity; rather, change is an alteration to the current status. God is active, but He doesn’t change. Finite beings are characterized by their regular changes. Human beings need change to experience growth, but change may also bring retrogression. As well, change can bring disorder, chaos and various unwanted situations, when change is motivated by evil intent. God can make changes, bringing into existence something totally new, just by His will — creation. Human beings can only make changes by altering something already in existence — Co-creation. Let us take this opportunity to think about the Importance of Changes in human lives.

“Changes are necessary to human beings. Except for God Himself, changes are necessary for everything else. Nothing is static in all the universes. Everything is in constant motion... activity... changing. Pause to consider that even the perfect creatures of God — the ones on Paradise and Havona — even they are susceptible to change. Not degrading changes, but changes that superimpose themselves on their perfection.

“Changes are important to finite beings because they bring experience, and experience is the fabric of human existence. Without change there is no experience, without experience there is no growth, without growth, God’s mandate, ‘Be you perfect even as I am perfect,’ cannot be attained.

“Who makes changes in human beings? Primarily it is the will of God that produces all changes in the Universes. It is so because God has an Eternal and Infinite plan for His creation and His will exerts a gravity power in reality that accomplishes His plans through the ages, endlessly. But because the eternal and infinite plan of God is the goal and His power is the propeller towards this plan, will creatures get to participate with their will and experience in the plan of God. Therefore, both God and His creatures promote the changes that in eternity will fulfill the plan of God. The activity of God produces primary changes and we, His children, carry on with these changes to consummate His overall plans.

“What is the nature of Change? Change never stops. An ending is contrary of the nature of change. Therefore, we can say that changes are infinite as a phenomenon, but it may be temporary as an event. The change that brings every human being to physical life on Urantia is a temporary change that ends with death, but the change that was made by the human mind and the Adjuster in creating the morontia soul, is one that potentially continues for all eternity. Curiously enough, changes may have eternal consequences, change defines the experience, but does not define the being. Change needs stability as its counterpart. The ever-changing universes of time and space need the stability of Paradise. And the all-changing human soul needs an unchangeable personality to be manifest as being.

“Therefore, my pupil, do not be afraid of change. You are associated with an unchangeable representation of God — the Adjuster — which together with your soul, make you a forever-progressive being in the universe of universes. Even if you occasionally regress, you are part of the experience. Changes will take you into an infinitely greater perfection. For finite beings, change is proof of life. Stagnation is a signal of death. Never stop changing; never give up on life. This is your teacher and tutor on High, Prolotheos, speaking of change and hoping to produce changes — the ones of purpose and direction, to a better attunement with the will of God.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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