Cheshire, UK, 21 December 2004.
“The Celestial Alliance” through Armesh.
Subject: “Christmas.”

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Armesh: “We welcome you this fine crisp winter morning, a time when the world resounds with the melodies of birds’ songs, and the squeals of children looking forward to Christmas. It is a holy time of year for many people, a time to celebrate with family and with friends, and to honor the glory of God in his bestowal of Christ Michael onto this world.

“It is also a time of much sorrow, pain and grief for many, a time when the woes of the world lie heavy upon lonely hearts. So many have experienced great suffering and anguish in the preceding months and years. Many feel their loss of loved ones, torn down through war or affliction, and feel little reason for hope and joy.

“Yet hope and joy are the main messages at this time of year, as the darkness removes itself from the Earth and shortly, bulbs will start to sprout, buds will appear on trees and the world will show that it is about to start living again.

“For those without hope, this is because they ‘sit within’ the expectation of the human physical state. Where there is connection to the Divine, there is never time without hope, for life here is transient, and just a small step upon the path towards the Creator.

“As a child, who has been brought up within poverty, has not had the rest of its life decided for it, so too the suffering of this world is just a small first step within your eternal careers.

“That child may grow to be an astute businessman, or perhaps a respected doctor, someone who may excel within the world of sport or music, and oft-times the poverty of their upbringing may, when tempered with fierce determination, strength of will and real passion, allow that individual to excel beyond all others in his or her adult life.

“So too, those of you who have pain and grief still rejoice in the experiences that you have encountered during your time on this Earth. It does not feel this way now, but know they are experiences which temper you, which help you to grow, and which confer divine blessings that will become apparent in future parts of your lives, both on Earth and within the next realms.

“We say to you that all beings are loved, and all beings are loved equally. We see no difference between the mother who is distraught at losing her child, and the lover standing in rapture in the arms of her beloved.

“Each is a wonderful expression of the fragility, the strength and the emotional heart of a human being.

“We suffer when we see you suffer. We live both the downs with the ups, alongside of you. And when we are able, when you allow us into your heart and let us stay there a while, then we hold you all close and tenderly.

“This is the gift Michael gave to humanity — a flawless reaching of the soul within each and every one of you. And still that gift continues.

“So, whatever your circumstance at this time of year, know deep within your heart that you are never alone, that you are always loved, and that peace and joy is available to each and every one of you.

“And so, with love we leave you. But look into your heart, and you will know that we are never gone.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
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