Oregon, USA, June 17, 2021.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The One and Only Know-It-All.”

Message received by Anyas

“God, being eternal, universal, absolute, and infinite, does not grow in knowledge nor increase in wisdom. God does not acquire experience, as finite man might conjecture or comprehend, but he does, within the realms of his own eternal personality, enjoy those continuous expansions of self-realization which are in certain ways comparable to, and analogous with, the acquirement of new experience by the finite creatures of the evolutionary worlds.” [UB, 1:5.14]

Thought Adjuster: “By his boundless nature, the Father makes allowances for his everlasting expansion — never to be confined to the tight living quarters of narrow-mindedness or narrow-heartedness. He is free to live his eternal life to the fullest of its potentialities in an evolving cosmos where staggering numbers of chemical, electrical, mental, and emotional chain reactions simultaneously occur on all the planes that form its vast reality. There is never a dull moment as far as the Father is concerned. In him, knowledge and knowingness are cut from the same royal cloth.

At the human level, a distinction needs to be made between these two concepts. Knowledge has an intellectual connotation, as it is composed of the sum total of factual data collected in various fields of inquiry. It is relative and, therefore, subject to revision. Knowingness is the soul’s certainty acquired through personal experience, in synergy with wisdom, enhanced inner vision, and flashes of insights. It provides the soul with a sharper definition of some aspects of reality.

The soul nursery of planetary life prepares you for the more advanced courses of universal education. At birth, your mind is like a virgin flash drive formatted to collect precious informational megabytes during the duration of your life. Yours is to delete your junk files to protect the integrity of your truth portfolio.

Hands-on validation through personal experience is the process through which knowledge graduates to knowingness — thus becoming a depreciation-proof personal asset with no expiration date.”

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