Alabama, US of A, January 30, 2014.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Spiritual Rebirth”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Traditional religions offer rules of behavior to their followers. They hope that by following those rules they are being ‘good’ and earning the rewards promised by their religious traditions. However, this blind way to follow the norms and acting without thinking is not conducive to spiritual growth.

It is an important event in a mortal’s life when the difference between ‘doing’ and ‘being’ is grasped. When you feel inside your heart the desire to be better and to live the will of the Father you start to transform yourself, with the help of your Thought Adjuster, into a new being. This is a spiritual rebirth. It is the origin of the immortal soul of a human being. It is the product of the joint efforts of God and each individual.

Those who blindly follow rules cannot understand the truth, the advantages, and the consequences of the actions that they try to follow. Those who are reborn in spirit are always striving to express the best of their personality and, therefore, can create their own rules. As the desire to live the will of the Father becomes manifest in the human soul, these new rules will be increasingly in harmony with the laws of the universe, with the love of the Father.

Those who act by virtue of the norms of conduct derived from a real and personal religious experience will be truly cultivating the fruits of the spirit and will rejoice in the understanding of their increasing closeness to God, knowing that each decision and action they make, guided by their highest ideals, brings them closer to the Father.

From that moment on, the weakness and the obstacles in their path toward perfection will start to lose their appeal for those who have tasted the sweet nectar of an authentic spiritual life. The changes become easier, not because the material substance of the creature has changed, but because the aspirations and desires are now higher. Those who have been reborn in spirit do not focus on avoiding evil, they focus on expressing goodness.

This is the true freedom of those who have discovered by their experience that they are truly children of God. They live like true citizens of the celestial kingdom of love, motivated by the love they receive from the Father that overflows their brave and joyful hearts.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster