Illawarra District, Australia, May 15, 2015.
Teacher Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “Keeping Fusion on Hold — Summary.”

Message received by George Barnard.

Teacher Samuel: “You and I and countless others have covered this oft-debated subject of fusion on a number of occasions, so let us here and now summarize the differences between Teachers that are fused and those who are keeping their fusion on hold. It is correct, as we earlier mentioned, that the Spirit Self (TA) will look forward in time and in many cases agree to fusion, whilst the former mortal “element” may prefer to allow the TA a dowry of greater perceived value before fusion is consummated.

Consider now, would you not bring the best to this feast?

“In a world, a new world, the seventh Mansion World, there is generally no doubt about the TA and Morontia Being’s likeliness to fuse. What is there is the question of balance and so the evolutionary worlds, together with the lower Mansion Worlds, gain valuable Teachers — those who can quite relate to those laboring below them and indeed, our brother Aaron and I belong to this group of Teachers. We logically still have so much in common with you and our kin on Mansonia One to Six.

“And I say this without a modicum of self-importance or false pride: we are now at a knowledge and intellectual level you cannot possibly imagine. Discussions between Aaron and I and others about your lessons are constantly on suitable terminology — terms you will understand, for during the many, many years we spent on these Mansion Worlds we have each drawn closer and closer to the mindedness of our Spirit within. Next to us you are as kindergarten graduates and no insult is intended here, as you must know.

“Well, my treasured friends, I can assure you those recently fused — those appointed to be our lecturers — are likewise seeing my brother Aaron and I as high school students into which they are to drum their greatly advanced knowledge being the Master Teachers they now are. Even among a group of Mentori there may at best be one fused mortal if any. In the haphazard days of evolutionary life it may be difficult for you to conceive of a highly efficient universe where no effort is wasted, where methods are tried and proven since time immemorial and where requests are routinely granted … accordingly.

“Consider for a moment the eons of time during which our universes have functioned like the finest clockwork and ask yourself why, when so many of the likes of Aaron and me clamor for being given the task, the Melchizedeks would appoint a fused former mortal. In their worlds of highly advanced learning and administration, it it wise and profitable for them to concentrate on those nearby with their knowledge and organization. “Evolutionaries” and pre-fused “morontians” rarely have the attention of the fused.

“Those slightly lower respect their elders and those slightly higher lovingly teach their junior siblings. Yet as always, there are sporadic exceptions. Be well and until we meet up again, our love will be with you all. This is Samuel.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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