Illawarra District, Australia, October 31, 2016.
Contact: A Departed (passed-on) Human Friend.
Subject: “What You Call Perfection.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Friend: “We are on these mansion worlds supposedly to become more perfect as we go along. We don’t see it that way. What you call perfection, we see as a process of maturation. We don’t have perfection in mind, no, not yet. We take it a step at a time to become more sociable, to become more helpful, to learn, to prepare ourselves for tasks we will be given from now until eternity and that is really something we look forward to — to co-create with our beloved Father-Creator.

“At one stage being of the lowest of his creatures, it is suggested that in the end analysis we will be among the highest of His appointed helpers. For all of us in my morontia home-group, life on the planet has been tough even though for me it was only a relatively short time. However, it gives us the impetus to succeed and do well. It gives us the raw courage to make a success of our lives, many lives, many different morontia lives, and more, that we need to lead to get to Paradise. One thing that I must express, my brother in Christ, there are certainly no deadlines here.

“You can quite do what you want to do, although it is wise to confer with your elders, your brothers and sisters, yes, I mean Angels and Melchizedecs and others. Take your time for any task, any lesson to be learned and any project. There is not that urgency that by sunset, or week’s end you must have certain things completed. I like that. Pressure is gone of having clothes ironed and food cooked in time. There is little pressure here and you will find that you will be equipped with a mind that just won’t let you forget.

“You will learn how to register and compartmentalize the information that you acquire and you won’t have to search for it. It will be there right on the tip of your tongue whenever you require it. That is about all I am allowed to say to you two. I thank you kindly for your invitation to visit you on this important day. We all love you. Goodbye.”

Receiver’s notes: My departed friend was a wife and mother. She was busily cooking an evening meal and laughing at her husband’s jokes. She suffered a massive stroke and fell on her tiled kitchen floor. Moments later she was dead. She left behind two young children and a husband who has never yet gotten over the shock of losing her almost 30 years ago.

The day, October 31, was special to all.

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