Oregon, USA, August 19, 2021.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Meditate on Peace.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “If only human beings would get a taste of the savor of the peace that passes all understanding, they would hold dear to this sublime emotional experience. What happens when you are at peace? How does it feel?

I encourage you to meditate on that sensation, as by so doing, you are attracting it to your auric field. The same goes for all emotions. If you dwell on negative memories, you will foolishly resuscitate them, causing havoc in all your operating systems.

Those who live with emotional awareness — as Jesus did — cautiously avoid hooking up with toxic emotions. Jesus consistently lent a deaf ear to the agitated raucous of low-grade emotions, refusing them access to his light field.

He was admired for his level-headedness and emotional stability. He never made rushed decisions under the treacherous influence of fear or undue pressure. What would cause many to become emotional wrecks only prompted him to declare emergency time-outs to preserve his emotional integrity. Their duration ranged from a few minutes to forty days spent in solitude communing with his Thought Controller — his heavenly Consultant.

The soothing influence of peace exerts a trickle effect on the entire strata of your complex being — including your electro-chemical inner processes. It stills your mind, thus allowing My still small voice to be heard. As well, it slows down your breathing, helping you regulate your previously erratic breath.

Peace should be your top priority, as it is the platform for the uninhibited expression of truth, beauty, and goodness. A peaceful mind becomes a clear channel for the receptivity and expression of illuminating truth. An artist creating in a meditative stance produces breathtaking works of art. Moreover, peace is the best venue for the expression of the love held captive in troubled hearts.

Jesus left his peace with all of you as the optimal raw material for the emergence of the kingdom of the hearts. Should you have underutilized it, engage your entire being in reconnecting with it. Hold unto it to dear life, as it will confer a great value and a positive impact unto your life.”

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