Chicago, US of A, December 12, 2013.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Maturity in Life.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “A human being reaches sexual maturity – gains the capacity to reproduce – when puberty arrives around the 13th year of life. However, a boy or girl at 13 years of age is clearly not yet mature enough in life. They are not prepared for life. Experience is essential to maturity, and you simply cannot skip it. Either you are mature, or you are not. Unfortunately, some people do not seek life experiences that will contribute to their personal maturity; and so it does not matter how old they are, they will never mature. Maturity, then, is a process in which several factors must coincide. Some of these, however, are most essential in anyone reaching maturity.

“The first ‘essential ingredient’ for maturity in life is to accruement of bona fide experiences. As well, there are experiences that are altogether pointless. Usually these kinds of experiences are the ones that result from one’s seeking temporal pleasures, animal urges, gratification of vain desires, or selfish realization of will. Bona fide experiences are the ones that are the result of seeking superior realization of values and understanding of higher meanings. People searching for values and meanings are not just seeking knowledge. They are seeking wisdom. Bona fide experiences can be both intense events and cumulative achievements that produce an experiential balance in facing life and its vicissitudes.

“Maturity in life is the fruit of meaningful personality unification. Personality is evident by function of will. It is in charge of existential unification, either the individual is conscious of it, or he or she is not. However, in its attempt to unify choices, factors that are naturally incompatible may render the individual psychologically awry, and produce a deviant character, which may favor evil and malevolence. The personality unification that produces ethical maturity is the one that, together with achievement of bona fide values and meanings, brings a balance to the physical, emotional and intellectual factors resident in a particular individual. Meaningful personality unification starts its realization when a person sincerely decides to do the will of God in his or her life.

“Finally, maturity comes to a human being when he or she lets spiritual primacy take over in all aspects of life. That is what we call spiritual maturity, which cannot be reached without the poise and conscience of the individual, and of both the Spirit Within and the spiritual self, the soul. The spiritual dominance happens when the soul, as the receptacle of all spiritual growth, produced by the conjoint action of Spirit Within and the individual self, and by means of the human will, finally governs all actions of a person with a spiritual purpose and meaning. Spiritual dominance is a constant awareness of the spiritual value of life in all its aspects.

“Therefore, my pupil, your personal maturity is a multi-faceted process that culminates in spiritual maturity. Seek out the experiences whose meanings will remain with you for all eternity. Among those, undoubtedly, are the ones motivated by love, truth and beauty. Spiritual maturity is not gained automatically; it is personal¸ and it depends of each decision you make, reaffirming the spiritual priority in all you do. I am Prolotheos, saying to you and all: Aim for the best, and the very best will come ever closer to you. Peace!”

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