Illawarra District, Australia, November 12, 2013.
Divine Self (Thought Adjuster).
Subject: “Mindedness to Suit and Numbers.”
(A personal message.)

Received by George Barnard.

Divine Self: “Not in your dreams would you be teaching algebra to a newly-born human infant. And it would never do to teach a two-year-old the ins and outs of quantum mechanics. The infant, and even the two-year-old, lack the mindedness to suit. Alas, so it is with you. Your deliberations have brought you to a steeply rising wall. It is smooth and slippery, and you have not the mountaineer’s equipment to scale its heights. You have not the mindedness to suit.

“Perhaps through revelation you would have some comprehension, temporary or permanent, even if you lacked true understanding. However, you can always count on the fact that the most complex and intricate can ever be explained in simpler terms, and here I will approach statistics as it is practiced by mortals on this world, as it is seen by the angelic ‘races’, and as it is ‘held in mind’ by Thought Adjusters and, of course, by all Creator Beings.

“For you (humans) it will suffice to pursue just one item of interest. You determine your sample, remove the outliers, perhaps compensate for sundry other factors and calculate the outcome. For the most advanced of Morontia Beings, your sample is too small. Their sample would be huge, massive, and thus there would be fewer outliers in proportion. And, as well, their items of interest might rather be in the hundreds, thousands even. Untold data would become available.

“Most remarkable of all, at least to your mind, would be how deity sees their sample. Not only is the outcome instantly known, the sample contains all available individuals, and not an item of potential research is overlooked. Mostly, time is irrelevant to deity, so it could be said that the very unasked question arrives with the instantaneous and appropriate answers. Such is the power of your Gods – to know all, past, present and future ‘dwelling’ a mere thought away.

“Still I have not answered the question of your heart so here it is in an instant, when you would work for days and weeks to research the subject by interviewing your sample of participants, one person at the time. Your average arrival at to your lists is tentative, even negative on the teachings. He or she will stick around, even through laziness as long as the lessons published are short, of common sense and logic. Only when a certain lesson fills a real need will you have succeeded.

“That is the subscriber’s ‘aha moment’, and from this point he or she will read the work with intent, intrigue, even with patience when the lessons don’t gel with their established beliefs. It opens minds, and it really does not matter if they then go their own way with whatever belief system or religion they prefer, as your dear Friend and Master Machiventa made clear. Always will you be about numbers, but you must also count those who learn from you, and then leave.

“Confer with me. I am as close to you as your heartbeat, whilst in time My very thoughts will be yours also, as you inherit the mindedness to suit.”

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