Alabama, US of A, March 4, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Beyond the Horizon.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Human beings can become victims of many temptations and disorders when they forget how to use their bodies and their minds for higher purposes. Human beings should have the strength to be able to explore with courage and choose the best path with the expectation of a greater good, even when the benefit is not short term. In life people should explore, experiment and discover on their own, but there is always a time for decision when things that do not add any eternal value to life must be relegated and replaced with those things that promote true advance and spiritual growth.

“The inability to postpone pleasure comes from your primitive nature – the animal nature. Animals can’t think about the past or the future so they seek to satisfy their needs immediately because they do not know if they will have another opportunity. But human beings can see life from a higher perspective and they can make intelligent decisiones in favor of a greater benefit.

“Many today have encountered the countless distractions of life and got lost in them. They completely forgot that there is a reason for their life and it goes beyond temporal satisfaction. These short-sighted mortals satisfy their present needs at the expense of the promises of eternity and they live in such a way because they completely ignore the fact that they have not been able to choose what is truly better for them.

“The eternal realities may seem abstract, ethereal or even unreal to your eyes of limited vision, but just a little faith would be enough to inspire you to move forward with your efforts to discover yourselves and find God within your hearts. Remember your brave explorers and adventures of the past. Many of them found beautiful and welcoming oasis during their exploration. Even facing the prospect of a long suffering through the desert they kept going because they had the faith that suggested they would find better places.

“The goal of eternity is to discover truth, beauty and goodness to an increasing degree of perfection and to a level of manifestation capable of satisfying the highest desires of our being. Do not allow the oasis where you now rest to become the burial places of your soul, depriving you of getting to know the bigger and better things that await you beyond the horizon.”

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