Chicago, US of A, April 28, 2017.
Teacher: Prolotheos.
Subject: “Experiencing Tragedies.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Tragedies are traumatic experiences that affect every human being. It is a tragedy in itself if an adult person has not experienced a tragedy in his or her life. Tragedies, although distasteful, have great experiential value. What characterizes tragedies is the intensity or the amount of suffering that a tragic event such as an accident, crime or natural disaster causes, either in the personal or collective dimension. Tragedies bring so much impact onto people’s lives that they usually cause confusion, anger, disbelief and depression. It is not easy to deal with tragedies, but everybody does — in one way or other. Face tragedy with realism and positivism.

“Do Not Dismiss or Dwell on Evil and Suffering. Experiencing evil and suffering are direct results of tragedies, the former through crimes and abuse, the latter from any kind of tragedy. For most people those are experiences hard to overcome. Many take one of two ways to cope: deny it or dwell on it. Neither one is healthy. Instead, embrace it. Embracing such dreadful experiences is almost unimaginable, but necessary. Do not embrace it in a masochistic way, but as owning it, making it yours and incorporating it into your life as a resolved experience, so you can move on.

“Believe Everything Happens for a Greater Purpose. Bad experiences are awful and you should not deny them when they happen to you. Hopefully, they can be converted into bona fide experiences that not only teach you a great deal and inspire solidarity, as well as becoming useful to God, the Supreme’s evolution and, therefore becoming your contribution to universe progress. It is not easy to see the big picture when you are suffering at a personal level. However, by believing in a greater purpose being at work, you won’t fall victim to the claws of despair that meaninglessness can otherwise force onto you.

“Be Helpful as You Personally Move on with Life. Once you embrace a tragic experience and understand it, you are ready to move on with your life. But even at this stage, there are dangers, especially the one of becoming a withdrawn person, because a tragedy does change your life. Then make sure it is for the better, do not withdraw from life simply because of the tragedy. Rather, as you move on with your life, go about helping others in their need and you will probably discover that there are many people, also with personal tragedies, needing a word of comfort from you.

“Thus, my pupil, let not tragedies change you, but for the better. After a tragic experience, focus on recovering and overcoming it for good. Don’t be dismissive of its consequences: accept them. Try to understand the big picture and learn also from the bad. Nothing shows more that you have moved on from a bad experience than when you extend your hand to help others in need. On doing so, you not only understood the greater purpose, but you are using the tragic experience for a greater purpose. I am Prolotheos, your always-available teacher and tutor, ready to inspire you again.”

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