Illawarra District, Australia, December 26, 2015.
Celestial Artisan, Athena.
Subject: “Gratitude.”

Message received by George Barnard.

Athena: “… some years since we spoke, but I thank you for picking up on my prompt. I thank your Midwayer and Angel friends for taking in all I want to say, for as you are hearing these words, I will already be back at my task. I am Athena, a Celestial Artisan, a pre-fusion Teacher to any of the receivers of the 11:11 Progress Group as are Samuel, Aaron, the Mentori and others.

“It is known to you that I am deserving of being fused with my Thought Adjuster, yet for a season we have more to offer, as still independent children of the Creator-Father than would be the case if we were already fused. The curriculum for fused personalities is such that it first of all leaves less time for teaching and secondly is often irrelevant to current humans’ need to know. As well, to teach humans from a yet higher status would require a greater ‘string’ of intermediaries and we would likely not relate quite as well.

“Even so, here on Mansonia Seven, a person’s involvement with the arts has a great record of furthering one’s problem-solving capacity for all future times. It is not a guarded secret that terrestrial and Mansion World life engenders the pinpointing of specific difficulties and the discovery of appropriate solutions. We — humans and former humans — have much for which to be grateful.

“There is also no secret in the one-time suggested and later confirmed fact that we, who make use of the from-the-ground-up spiritual education we receive, will play greater and essential roles in the now-forming universes of deep space. The hierarchies exising in the seven super-universes will not reign in deep space as you know them here and now. There will be a greater content of Sons of God who have had terrestrial life at their starting points. Yes, humans, Midwayers and also the to-you-still unfamiliar Transcendentalers and some Angels.

“Compere, if you will, the age-long service provided by both Melchizedeks and Life Carriers. Consider their faultless performances during untold millennia. And then, as it finally suits you as a population to consent to Light and Life, they may finally fuse with the Thought Adjusters that were to be theirs, finally, as if waiting forever, millennia upon millennia.

“We have much for which to be grateful. As God’s spoiled little children of human origin we need only to wake up to the fact that others matter and voila, we receive the greatest Gift the Creator-Father can bestow upon us — a Fragment of Himself to indwell us.

“May this new year, your 2016, be a grateful year for you all. Make it so. This is Athena, art teacher of myriad years.”

George: “We are ever so grateful, Athena.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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