Chicago, US of A, November 11, 2016.
Teacher: Prolotheos.
Theme: “Layers of Truth.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Although absolute truth can only be experienced and perceived by the Gods, because Truth is as infinite as are the Gods, creatures relate to truth as to asserting or denying their very existence. No one can indefinitely remain in God’s Universes in defiance of Truth. Since humans cannot perceive the wholeness of Truth, they must know truth through its expansions, uncovering it layer by layer. Truth is never essentially contradicting, but it is ever expansive. In this opportunity let’s reflect about these layers of truth.

The truth of the fact. “Fact is what is manifest and can be proved by evidence. Creatures need to rely on facts to trust the knowledge they acquire. In other words, creatures need to check the truth of the matter. Facts establish what is real. However, inherent creature limitations prevent them from asserting the coordinating fact of the matter of all things, and relativity insinuates itself in all cases. A delusion is real as a delusion but its content is unreal. The ultimate proof of facts for evolutionary beings is experience. Experience cannot be humanly transferable, except by testimony. It can be shared and divinely synthetised, because God the Supreme is the God of Experience.

The truth of the meanings. “Meaning is a translation or interpretation of the fact. Here human consciousness deals with what you call Semiotics or the world of the symbols. It is not possible for creatures to absorb the reality of facts by themselves, only what they mean to them. Here again, subjectivity inserts itself again: the realization of meanings is a complex intellectual/ emotional/ spiritual transaction that provides experiential knowledge. Being at home may provide a sensation of security, because that is what home may signify to an individual. Meanings help the individual to articulate their world visions.

The truth of the values. “Values reflect the importance of the meanings for human existence. Values are meanings worth of living or to die for. Values are not just the result of hermeneutics, values are the result of love toward meanings. An individual can understand a meaning intellectually but it will never become a value if that meaning is not loved. The basic divine values are goodness (love), truth, and beauty (harmony), that is, everything in life that translates in love, truth and beauty becomes a value of transcendental importance. Faith is ever connected to values because faith is the means that reaches the transcendental.

“In this way, my pupil, you can see that truth is ever expansive, each layer uncovering an advanced stage of it. Creatures will never stop the search for truth, because the Infinite God is the Absolute Truth. There will always be a new dimension of truth, always a new perspective, always a new meaning. But truthful meanings (divine values) can be eternally set in time and space because they never will contradict themselves. Therefore, goodness, truth and beauty are forever our criteria to incorporate facts and meanings in our existence.

“I am Prolotheos, your teacher and tutor on High. Peace be with you.”

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