Oregon, June 5, 2020.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Getting Acquainted with Your Enigmatic Self.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “It should be both comforting and encouraging for any soul to know that there is an answer to every question. It is so because you live in a purposeful universe, as proven by the immutable fundamental Law of Cause and Effect — the Law of Manifestation.

You are born in this world with a virgin mind that starts collecting and processing experiential data upon oxygenating your brain with its first activating breath. As well, as you grow older, you are fed intellectual data through your schooling process and taught about its possible applications through hands-on experimentation, as the most useful data is the one that has practical connotations.

Your gestational period in the womb is shrouded in mystery. Will you be a male or a female? Which eye and hair color will you have? Will you look more like Dad or Mom? What about your one-of-a-kind personality? Which language will you have to learn to interact with the outer world? Will you love spicy or sweet foods?... and the list goes on and on.

On the inner, you will have to introspect to get to know yourself objectively. One thing is sure: Your calling in life is ALWAYS related to the cheerful and free expression of your God-given talents. Your areas of excellence are your gifts to share with others so that they become community assets.

Challenges do not arise to make you miserable and hopeless but act as catalysts to propel you to the next experiential level — consistently raising the bar of your forward evolution toward Godlikeness. Paradoxically, your hits-and-misses can turn out to be an overall win-win situation for you, as both are the elements needed to issue an objective performance evaluation. Failure is not terminal, as life will present you with renewed opportunities to pass its aptitude tests.

What is crucial is that you keep your sights on the sustainable values of truth, beauty, and goodness and that you strive to incorporate them in all that you think, feel, or do while interacting with your still enigmatic self and with others. No one can ever reach self-mastery and self-realization without following the sure leadings of these subliminal impulses.”

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