Alabama, US of A, March 21, 2014.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Will you Help God?”

  Message received by Oscar. 

Thought Adjuster: “By studying the life of the Master in the flesh, human beings can have the experience of contemplating the Father, just as the Father would be in mortal form. However, through living a life consecrated to the Father's will, every mortal can experience to some extent the likeness to God, achieving a level of understanding of truth that far surpasses mere observation.

This is what Jesus referred to when he said 'I am the way'. It is only through the effort to live a life like that of Jesus – a life in increasing harmony with the Creator's plans – that the human being achieves eternal life and receives within themselves the ever higher revelations of spiritual truth that elevate them closer to the eternal goal.

This is a slow journey with many stops. It is not expected that a human being immediately begins to express divine perfection in their life. It is a journey of progressive self-discovery, where you may make some mistakes and stumble many times, but if your intention remains firm and your commitment to follow the divine command to ‘be perfect as the Father in heaven is perfect’ is sincere, the detours and mistakes will simply be occasions for learning, opportunities to progress a little further in the process of overcoming your material limitations.

The journey towards spiritual maturity is always an individual adventure. Do not worry about the state of your progress in relation to others. Just focus today on moving one step closer to the eternal goal than yesterday. Your progress is determined by yourself through your decisions and actions. The Father knows you perfectly and knows how much truth you can handle to make the most of it. You will never receive a revelation or understanding that you cannot make use of right now in your life. The goal is perfection, and you have eternity to achieve it. Just keep the momentum forward, and every day of your life will be a fruitful day in the business of doing the work that the Father has entrusted to you.

Your main responsibility is the co-creation of a new being of light and love that will be useful in the service of the entire universe for eternity. That being is who you are destined to become if you choose to follow the training and progress plan that the Father has designed for you. Will you start today to work with your Father for the achievement of your joint goals? Will you help God create that wonderful being He intended to manifest through your existence?”

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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.