Illawarra District, Australia, January 15, 2017.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe (Sananda).
Subject: “Eternal Life or Extinction.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “I will bring to your attention, if you will let me just this once, that all of us celestials appreciate hearing from you almost each day and on some days more than once. Indeed we do so enjoy contact with you. However, it is confusing for others to hear certain facts are to be found in their text when they are merely hear-say, and hear-say when they actually are in their text. It just won’t do to be the messenger and leave your readers confused. You would do well to note the subjects of conversation together with the dates.

“It is a true saying that familiarity breeds contempt and in such regard we ask that you take your time and go deeper. (George: OK)

“There are some, on your earth especially, and on others of the former ‘rebellion brigade’ of troubled worlds, where they are through and through fed up with life. Although it would seem debatable that our Nebadon universe threw too much at these children of God, rather than how they merely perceived their mortal lives, the percentages of those of various worlds don’t belie losses we see as disastrous.

“Even the loss of a single pilgrim intended to have Paradise in mind as his or her end destination, would be grieved over by Gods and Seraphim alike. The loss of great numbers from the former isolated worlds remains the grievance suffered by sibling former humans. As much as mortals can live for God and their fellows in their earth lives, and be revered therefore, so can siblings be valueless in ‘soul-weight’ by spending their earth lives in crimes. Indeed, my friend, it is well understood that one will ever reap only what one sows.

“Some will just in time face up to the consequences of their ‘unremarkable’ living and need to work hard to catch up with those of excellent preparatory behavior. Many who are so confronted by their astounding lack of everything good they could have attempted in life will decide not to go on as they will have reaped spiritual insanity not even the most capable of Carers can assist them in overcoming.

“Although not one will be in limbo for as long as were those Sons involved in the Lucifer rebellion, the waiting time for them is painfully dreary and final extinction (the loss of eternal life) is not ever recommended.

“Your text calls it ‘growing tired.’ In the domain of pure spirit it is seen as ‘unreality’ when a personality no longer in need of focussing on physical survival and all its excuses refuses to wholeheartedly concentrate on the Father’s desires for His receiving its love and well-being.

“I AM the Damascus Scribe. Be well my friend and student.”

George: “A prayer for your ancient town and its tortured people.”

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