Alabama, US of A, March 26, 2014.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Glimmers of Faith”

  Message received by Oscar. 

Thought Adjuster: “Jesus, like the Father, is attentive to the slightest glimmer of faith to draw closer to his children. Never does a human prayer or quest for answers go unanswered. The mental attitude of the individual determines the capacity for reception. Those who seek signs typically have a defined image of how they expect these signs to be received. If a signal is sent to them that does not meet their expectations, it will be completely ignored by these souls of little faith.

Seek diligently the Father or the Son, for every effort of your will is richly rewarded by deity. Your sense of isolation from the rest of creation is merely an illusion, perhaps grounded somewhat in the planetary isolation your world has been submerged in for an era. However, it was precisely during this isolation that the Creator of this universe came to live a mortal life here. You have never been forgotten by the Creator, and all past deficiencies caused by the selfish decisions of some thoughtless children will be more than compensated for.

When sincerely seeking to experience closeness with the Father, remember that this experience is manifested through your increasingly clear understanding of the attributes of divinity. When these attributes become evident in your life, when peace, love, truth, beauty, and goodness flood your being, you will increasingly be able to feel God near you and experience a true relationship with your heavenly Father. This is a reality available to all who diligently seek it.

Some might wonder, why doesn't the Father reveal himself directly? Why is it necessary to believe first to experience a friendship with God? Firstly, there is a great existential distance between the level where the Father dwells and the human level. These levels are practically opposite poles, the lowest level and the highest level of reality. The spiritual effulgence of the Father cannot be experienced on the human level without damage to mortal physical bodies. It is for this reason that when a human being fuses with their Thought Adjuster – the Divine Fragment of God in man – their body immediately disintegrates.

But apart from this, only things of spiritual value, those that are in harmony with the will of the Father, can relate to the Father. Eyes cannot be used to hear. Similarly, a being that has directed their will to things opposed to the divine nature cannot perceive the expressions of this nature. The human mind – which is exclusively under your individual control – has the ability to attract the things it seeks. If your attention is focused on the material, that will be all you see. If your attention seeks spiritual things, your mind will be better prepared to receive spiritual influences.

The Father and the Son are always available, even for conversation. One who approaches Deity with the intention of better understanding the Father's will and how to manifest the purpose of their existence during mortal life will always receive what they need, and these answers will somehow manifest in their conscious mind. When the supreme desire of a human being is to live a life dedicated to the Father's will – a consecration to the purpose of becoming more and more perfect and more like the Father – everything they need to achieve this goal will be freely given. As you strive to discover and strengthen the talents that have been placed within you, you will receive abundant opportunities to grow and progress spiritually. It is the desire of your soul – your sincerest longing – that will lead you into the very presence of God and toward the achievement of your eternal goal.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.