Chicago, US of A, July 7, 2013.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Essential Needs to Spiritual Survival.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Strangely, in your world people generally do not assign the same importance to their spiritual life as they do to their physical life. Everybody knows that physical bodies on Urantia cannot survive without air, food, water, nourishment, rest and shelter. However, many are not aware of what constitutes the basics for their spiritual life, and some, unfortunately, do not even know they have a spiritual life. Your spiritual life, as well, has essential needs, without which it cannot exist or continue to exist. At this time of communication, let us review the essential needs for spiritual survival.

“First and foremost, genuine faith is the initiator of spiritual life; it is your first spiritual manifestation. Faith in God starts as a wonder, which grows into hope, and matures into certainty. Faith is your mind’s correct response to the work of the adjutant mind spirit of worship, with the use of the capacity previously received from the spirit of wisdom. Your records correctly assert, ‘Without faith it is impossible to know God.’ All other human faculties are incapable of perceiving the reality of God, except faith.

“As important as it is, faith is not everything. Once you know God exists, you must realize He does not force anyone to do anything, nevertheless recognizing He deserves our obedience. Since the beginning of creation, the voice of the loving, eternal universal Father has echoed throughout the seven super-universes with His mandate for all: ‘Be you perfect, even as I am perfect.’ To you, human beings, universe ascendants, and descendants from low and animal origin, to achieve perfection through the experience of doing the will of God is the only technique available for becoming perfect in our dimension, as God is perfect in His dimension.

“Finally, although God expect you to follow His will, He does not force you to do so, as your loyalty to Him must be by free choice, out of love, not enforced by fear or any other constraint. You must want to continue on the divine path, until the time when you are fused with your Adjuster, when you will seal your deal, manifesting once and for all that it is your final decision to be like God, live with Him and for Him through all eternity. You must persevere on the path, until you become the path.

“Therefore my pupil, whatever you do, always keep in mind the essential needs to your spiritual survival, until the day you stand before His majestic presence on Paradise, when faith is no longer necessary, obedience was perfected through love, and all risks had vanished by the final embrace of the Gods. There, at the fulfilment of the ages, survival has made its complete circle; you have entered Eternity, and Eternity has entered you. I am Prolotheos, your tutor on high, always glad to help and guide you during these spiritual meditations. My love is with you and all.”

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