Illawarra District, Australia, July 17, 2013.
Life Carrier Orion.
Subject: “Autism and More.” (shortened).

Received by George Barnard.

George: “The Midwayers and I gave much thought to revelation being not at all appropriate to those of evolutionary origin.”

Orion: “We greet you our brothers and sisters in Christ. This is Orion, spokes-person for our group of Life Carriers, and pleased to clear up some facts that may still be foggy in your mind. However, before I begin I will once more assure you that a great deal more of important facts would be available to you if, as a species, you would be more spiritual. Simply, you would have more immediate contact of quality with your Thought Adjusters, your Spirit Selves.

“In explaining Autism, at least the most common group of sufferers, I digress to state that a pigeon pair can safely mate and bring up healthy pairs, which again can safely be mated, and so forth, all the while having robust offspring for generations. They are the lower animals. At the opposite end of the scale are the super humans – Adamites and to a lesser degree the Nodites and Andites. Here, too, rather a lengthy amount of inbreeding tended to produce few abnormalities.

“In the case of the pigeons, here you have successful survivors from countless ‘prototypes’ now extinct. One might suggest they truly deserve to be able to ‘inbreed’ for some generations without damaging the bloodline. The case of the Adamites needs little explanation for the fact that they were created for the very purpose of breeding up to large numbers before interbreeding with the evolutionary races of color in Urantia’s instance.

“The partial failure of this Adamic ‘up-stepping’ process lies in the fact that too few Adamites were available before the interbreeding began between your short-lived evolutionaries and the long-lived super humans. The end result of this – which is you walking this earth today – is a difficult mixture of some few (Adamic) strengths and many (evolutionary) weaknesses. And many of these are of a physiological nature whilst some are of a psychological make-up.

“Purely physiological, as you learned, is the difficulty in giving birth by the mixed races compared to the lesser stress experienced by the pure races of all colors. You are also familiar with the long strands of seemingly flawed but identical DNA in both parents of some autistic offspring. What you did not know is that these originated predominantly with the Adamites and Andites, and that inheriting a double ‘dose’ of these can be detrimental to some children.

“As your knowledge about your DNA begins to approach what we, the Life Carriers know about it, you will begin to research in advance the likely needs of your children. Your need to be the biological parent will at times fall away to the use of a more practical outlook of engaging the most suitable contributors for those you will nurture. We understand that such a drastic change in attitude would be simple to a logical-minded Life Carrier, most difficult for you.

“This is Orion greeting all. We will shortly speak again.”

George (joking): “Indeed, I cannot see a veritable army of young couples going ‘out there’ to discover the ideal surrogate for the mother or the father of the child they want to nurture. Not today, but maybe tomorrow? Thank you Orion.”

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