Illawarra District, Australia, July 17, 2013.
Life Carrier Orion.
Subject: “Autism and More – Aspergers and Tourette’s.”

Received by George Barnard.

George: “Ready as I will be, I guess, but never as comfortable with these specific enquiries as you well know.”

Orion: “We will battle our way through what is left of the lesson, quite successfully as you will find. One of the functions of the Life Carriers is to adapt life forms to specific planets, none of which are completely identical, few of which can be tweaked to suit. Another important function in the case of our designing a new life form as we did for your world is to aim for balance and moderation. At times, even a little bit more of a good thing can be detrimental.

One might say that 1 + 1 = 3 or 4 or perhaps 5, and so the balance of the usual Urantia personality is lost and we have a specialist for whom it is vital that a suitable task is found. And this describes the overwhelming effect of two identical, powerful, super-human DNA strands. Yet a further more recent matter to consider is an adjustment in the spiritual economy of your planet, and a new generation with many suited to the digital age – your High Autistics (see note below).

“Whilst much is researched and published about the behaviour of the Autism-affected individual, it is vital that more insight be delivered to those affected by Autism in the family or the group. The rampant appearance of both Aspergers and Tourette’s syndrome requires much research for you to even begin to cure this or at least minimise its obvious deleterious effects, on the psyche and on creature progress. I am Orion, a life Carrier. We did well.”

Note: The term High-Autistic belongs to the Humm-Wadsworth temperament scale – a lazy man’s way of quickly profiling normal personalities. Humm-Wadsworth is almost brutal in its simplicity. Hi-Autistic stands for loner, specialist, strong ego, clever, at times organized chaos. Watchmaking, bookkeeping and internet technology comes to mind.

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