Alabama, US of A, March 18, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Blockbuster.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “It is natural for human beings to evaluate their lives by focusing on the things that provide pleasure. Men and women measure the level of satisfaction in their lives by the amount of time they spent doing the things they like. You will always remember the good times, and assign less importance to those moments spent working or struggling.

“Take a look at your past. What do you remember about the things that made you happy in your childhood or your teenage years? You probably will not remember a lot. Does this mean that you have lived a miserable life? No. Look at the things you are starting to realize today. This has only been possible by your life in the past and by the decisions you were motivated to make in the situations you have faced.

“Consider a movie about a person sleeping, eating or walking. Imagine that this is a three hour movie. Total boredom you would think. You would not last five minutes watching that movie, and you would surely not recommend it to anyone. Similarly, an uneventful life would not be meaningful or satisfactory to you. The best movies are those in which things get so complicated that you wonder how the characters would make it to the end.

“You can make your life a ‘blockbuster’ by putting yourself in the hands of your inner Director, Who is already leading you from within. Pleasures and the satisfaction of material whims don’t make a great life. The absence of problems to be solved by ingenuity doesn’t make a fruitful life, for this is how you cultivate wisdom. You learn your lessons and make it a part of your reality, by demonstrating and continuously practicing what you have learned, until it becomes a part of you. A good life is a life in which you grow, spiritually. Attempt to live such a life.”

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