Illawarra District, Australia, October 8, 2013 (date of transcription).
Teacher Aaron of Urantia.
Subject: “Scorn, Criticism and Enlightenment.”

Received by Elaine.

Aaron: “Scorn. It sounds a harsh word, even without considering the meaning attached to it. Scorn and criticism usually accompanies an individual who is without complete understanding of a situation, or events leading up to a spiritual experience like the enlightenment event in question. Can you fault someone if the experience is not in the realm of their spiritual understanding at this time? You, yourself, at one time scorned and criticized the very people and experiences you now hold dear. What changed? Was it within you or was it an external chain of events which caused a deeper reflection, a re-analysis of what you believed possible, valid and true? In reality, it is a combination of both, an inner evaluation of an external experience.

“Moment by moment, without fail, alongside your Fragment of the Creator, we work tirelessly to encourage you into new avenues of uplifting thought. These efforts often go completely unnoticed, yet the results can be seen as well as felt in the angelic realms. However, we are sometimes hindered by the events that occur in your mortal lives, which can mute or even distort our gentle nudges. Your life experiences, these material events, shape you and direct even your most spiritual of thoughts as you are predisposed to believe in the truth of your personal experiences. What of the experience of your neighbor, experiences that may be completely different to your own, yet does not the resultant effect bear the same Gifts of Spirit? Is one right and one wrong? No, all are right as they follow their own sense of truth, to Love God, and to spiritual fulfillment.

“How can this be so, you ask? It is simple when viewed from the perspective of the Father Creator. God meets each of you on your personal level, always, and it greatly delights the Creator when His children think of Him and invite Him into their daily thoughts and activities. You, my dear charge, have your own unique view of this, unlike your spouse, your mother, your siblings, in fact, unlike any being in the far flung universes since each of God’s children is endowed with a personality all their own. What you garner with your experiences, not only here in this mortal flesh, but throughout eternity is a gift to God made even more aromatic when offered with pre-knowledge, purpose and love.

“You have an understanding of these things, yet you still allow narrow minds to disturb your step. You pause and wonder why? Why me, when all I wished to do is help, to love, to offer a hand in friendship and encouragement? Look beyond the words you hear or the print on your computer. Look closer with a heart-filled compassion and forgiveness towards those who are only judging from their own perspectives as you yourself are. As you place yourself in this new arena of understanding, look within. Look at your own way of being and notice the similarities with those who scorn – the way you yourself harm and cause others to miss their step on the road to spiritual fullness.

“Quite often what you notice with dismay in others can be found hiding in your own armament of behaviors. How will you speak and act towards others as you travel the roads of Spiritual attainment? With love, dear child, always with love! Find beauty in the glorious gift of life. For where beauty lies, there is Love and where there is Love, Truth can also be found.”

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