Alabama, US of A, September 20, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Alone With Your Father”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Many times during Michael’s life on Urantia He took the time to be apart from His peers and spend those periods ‘alone with His Father.’ During those times He expectantly searched for the presence of God and felt the spiritual calm that blankets with love all human beings who enjoy silence and solitude. And yet, true solitude is impossible since there is no place where you can be that your Father is not. Michael always kept this faith and all the benefits He obtained from having communion with His Father — mental clarity, fortitude to face challenges, increased spiritual discernment and wisdom to find solutions to the problems of daily life — served as motivation to continue with these spiritual ‘micro-retirements.’

“Similarly, if you explore this and honestly search your heart for the presence of your Father, you will reap the same spiritual fruits and naturally you will want more. This is the interminable circle of success where the benefits you obtain from a practice serve as the motivation to continue the practice. Do not deprive yourself of the company of your Father. Do not let your mind sabotage your spiritual micro-retirements with doubt. Share your thoughts, your desires and yes, your doubts with your Father, for He will always find a way in which to provide the answers.

“Banish from your mind the idea that you may not be doing it ‘right’. You are a beloved child of God and your joy in spending time with your Father is but a shadow of the joy that your Father experiences from your desire to reach Him. I am always available to you. Search for Me each time you desire to reach Me — even several times a day. I’m never too busy for you. Your requests are never too trivial. Nothing you do ever surprises Me because I have created you as you are. I know your limitations and the things you can’t grasp at your current level of existence.

“Above all, I know how far you can reach and what is the purpose of your existence — a purpose that you will discover and I will help to formulate. You are not merely an object created for some function. You are a living personality with the potential to achieve glorious objectives for which you have the talents you have not yet discerned. With My help you will actively participate in discovering your purpose and this will be the source of real, complete and eternally evolving satisfaction.”

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