Alabama, US of A, June 3, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Lesson About Your Purpose.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “In all human endeavors, deciding to dedicate time to just one thing usually implies that other things will be neglected. For mortals, time is limited and not every impulse or motivation of the soul can be explored during a human lifetime.

“In eternity you will have more than enough time to explore and discover your hidden talents. Spiritual growth is not one more task, it is the main purpose of your existence. Regardless of whatever task a creature devotes his or her time to, here or in the next worlds, spiritual growth can be pursued in a parallel fashion.

“In this world, do not be discouraged by feeling that you will not be able to fulfill all your dreams and satisfy all your aspirations. If these dreams and aspirations truly posses eternal value, you will come back to them later in your journey to perfection. However, even if your duties at this current time prevent you from dedicating yourself to those endeavors that you consider to be higher in value and meaning, your spiritual progress is not in any way affected, since you will always have plenty of opportunity to develop this important aspect of your personality. Often you will not be able to determine with clarity the importance of a lesson you need to learn, but rest assured that all those things that come to you during your life experience have a purpose, and can be used by you to grow in spirit and wisdom.

“Many among you have felt the impulse to lovingly serve your peers and to do something positive for your world. A few of you will have the chance to occupy important positions where you will be able to have a more direct influence over what happens around you. However, the great majority will have to do their work without renown and only with the sole satisfaction provided by the presence of the Father within. Do not be discouraged in case your efforts are ignored by the masses. Do not stop your love from being freely expressed, just because the results may not be evident in the here and now. All the efforts to make the will of the Father a reality in this world will always produce fruit and you can be sure that ‘on High’ the Father and a host of celestial beings will know about your efforts and rejoice at your intent.

“Regardless of what you do in this world, you could reach the zenith of perfection right here on earth, if you decide to do so. Michael achieved a goal highest of what any other human being in this world has managed to achieve before and after His life in this world, and he did it working as a simple carpenter, focused on two tasks only, doing the will of His Father in heaven and sustaining his mortal family on earth. Similarly, each one of you can chose your path in life by following his example. Make following the will of your Father the most important endeavor of your life. If you keep this intent in your heart and mind, all the things that you do will lead to the goal of spiritual growth, and you will live a fulfilling life.”

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Now close them, and comprehend the universe.”
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