Urantia, February 6, 2014.
Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “Self-Correction.”

Received by Lytske.

Mentor: “Please listen to what I have to say to you and to all other mortals on this planet. So often you humans refuse to listen to what those wonderful Gifts from God within – the Thought Adjusters – have given to each of you, counseling you for your souls’ sake. Therefore it is to me, a Mentor from a Higher Realm, to give you all an important message.

“Many of you have been informed that the Time of Correction is upon you. I am now endeavoring to explain the true meaning of this. The Time of Correction is meant for all her citizens living now, and those who will inhabit this planet in future times. The call going forth is that of ‘Self-Correction’. This needs to be impressed upon all, as no one is exempted from this self-correction.

“By truthfully observing yourselves, and your interactions with others, you will find much that can stand corrective measures in the form of tolerance, acceptance and forgiveness, especially in close relationships. Such would have positive effects in your neighborhoods and all surrounding areas. Eventually the cities would improve as the citizens are becoming more responsible in their behavior towards each other.

“Peace would finally have a chance to bloom and reverberate throughout all segments of society. Think about how social and business life would pick up when people would reach out with their self-worth and integrity intact. Governments and Courts of Law would have to follow suit. Wherever you are situated, think and use your imagination about where improvement is needed.

“The main thrust would be for quality of life, so all would have a chance to fulfill their life’s purpose without regrets when later looking back at their life after the dissolution of the physical temple. The next matter of importance would be that all citizens develop a desire to live a godly life, something to be proud of for all eternity. However, this would include a long-awaited equality for men and women, for you were given to each other as complements. This area is wide open for corrective improvement. Think about loving and valuing each other as human beings and act upon this for the benefit of your children.

“Put your thinking caps on and start realizing that even the smallest efforts shall have huge positive consequences down the line. There is no better time than the present to start improving yourselves, as each positive moment is etched into eternity. Urantia has a special place among her sister planets, as she received the singular honor of being the hostess of the last Bestowal of the Ruler of this mighty universe, the Being you know as Jesus. This great honor only falls to one planet among a potential ten million. To the citizens of Urantia the clarion call goes out to fulfill her destiny as the most beautiful garden planet of which you are the caretakers.

“Consider these my words, and start acting the part, with self-correction, which translates into progress for the planet herself.”

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Now close them, and comprehend the universe.”
– Athena, Celestial Artisan.

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