Illawarra District, Australia, April 3, 2014.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
Subject: “Complaints and Arrested Growth.”

Received by George Barnard.

Chief Bzutu: “There was a time when only those considered to be ‘confused long-hairs’ were talking about alien life forms, UFO’s, and inhabited planets out in space. Today that is no longer the case. There was a time before the distribution of the Urantia Papers when most people still believed that this world was the only inhabited sphere in the universe.

“Today we know that such is not the case, and more and more often we Midwayers are subjected to the suggestions that this particular planet, our home, your home, is typically one of the hardest ones to live on compared to all others, and we hear many, many sad complaints we quickly try to put out of our minds.

“Well, okay, we have some complaints as well. In our drive to get you to live more spiritual lives, we come up against two main hurdles – that is, apart from professed total disinterest – which are stalling us, and which are stalling you. The first one is common religion and the fact that very many in religions believe that as long as they go ‘somewhere sacred’ and say a thoughtless prayer, they are improving the quality of their souls, no such luck. Of these folks, very few are of the understanding that indwelling them is a part of the Creator Himself.

“The other aspect that puts a damper on our work is the almost planet-wide belief that the Father Creator of All is a very strict personality, One Who is to be feared, One from which a body must hide, One Who should never be mentioned by name, just in case some accident or misfortune will befall the speaker, heaven forbid.

“For us Midwayers, it is a common thing to find our human charges utterly arrested in their spiritual progress. And this is in fact the only thing I want to put across to you fellows this evening. It is that it takes so very little. It is not an extraordinary effort. It is so simple and takes so very little for any of you to on a regular basis speak a few words to the Creator of All, for He is closer to you than your breath. He lives within you and awaits every moment of the day and night that you might make that fleeting contact to say, ‘Hello. I know you are here. I know you care. And I thank you for my life.’

“This is Midwayer ABC-22, saying my goodnight to all assembled. Till we meet up again.”

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