Alberta, Canada, July 15, 2013.
Teacher Prometheus.
Subjects: “Personality Development Part 2 – Healthy Thoughts and Attitudes.”

Received by Renée.

Teacher Prometheus: “Healthy thoughts and attitudes can only be cultivated with the awareness of the responsibility we have for the thoughts we allow to remain in our consciousness and the willingness to ‘do the work’ of discernment and evaluation from our higher minds in coordination with our ‘hearts’, meaning the Guidance we are continuously being offered by our Thought adjuster, our Spirit parents the Adjutant Spirits and those human personalities who are concerned with our health, welfare and moral, ethical, spiritual development. As the personality starts off in the infant human, it is basically a template and the potentials and characteristics of the personality are inherent in the unique and unrealized as of yet divinely bestowed Gift, the nature of which cannot be described by any mechanistic or biochemical nomenclature.

“The personality requires careful and divinely informed and guided refinement and cultivation. The individual human must willingly cooperate to actively discern and acknowledge the aspects of the personality which are in need of development, sophistication and ‘enculturation into the highest Spiritual expression of that rudimentary character trait’. The early expressions of inherent personality traits will be projected through the developing egocentric infant but have the potential to be developed by the parents and the Adjutant Mind Spirits as the infant is taught and steered, encouraged to express their growing personality. The parents of a young child will notice early on there are recognizable and unique qualities of personality present which are germane to that individual child. The important and exceedingly critical role of the parents and primary care-givers is to ensure that the child is positively reinforced when demonstrating healthy social and emotional behavior and discouraged without impatience or threat of violence from anti-social or inappropriately aggressive or overly-competitive behavior.

“The parents must comprehend the tremendous importance of steering the child in the direction which will enable the greatest positive and healthy, moral, ethical and respectful social relationships. Willingness on the part of the child to practice loving, respectful and helpful behaviors is also a prerequisite for healthy and socially sustainable personality development. Without an active and ongoing system of positive feedback and effective non-violent disciplining and boundary establishment, the child will fail to learn how to monitor and self-regulate, intelligently modify and apply the personality through the attitude, demeanor, approach to problem-solving, conflict resolution and day-to-day choice-making.

“The moral, ethical and behavioral standards of the parents, teachers, care-givers, and the society all play a part in the personality development of an individual. The cultural, spiritual and religious, as well as educational frameworks in the child’s environment are all contributors in the personality development. By far, the most prominent influences in the development of the personality after the Gift of the Indwelling Father Fragment is the degree of receptivity the child has to the leadings of the Indwelling Adjuster and the cooperative and free-willed decisions made by the individual of person-status to ‘attune’ and ‘align’ with the guidance and direction being continuously but subtly offered. The ‘Still Small Voice’ is indeed the Gift of the Creator to His mortal evolutionary children of the space-time universes.

“We are Prometheus and Friends.”

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“When we speak of Wisdom, we are speaking of the profound cosmic
knowledge base upon which the creature-personality can draw” –
Prometheus March 10, 2013. 11:11 Store