Midwayer Ingenuity.
From the Desk of Chris Maurus.
Michigan, US of A, Sunday May 25, 2014.

It would likely be another late night on Saturday May 24 before I would finally be in my bed. I remember noting the clock before shutting out the light and turning off the television. It was 12:12. Sunday already! Strangely, despite having worked outside all day, I was not at all sleepy. My body was sore and I should have ‘shut right down’ from exhaustion, but I laid there awake for about 30 minutes, quite unable to fall asleep. I went into a meditative state and asked if there were any Primary Midwayers who would like to make contact with me and use their new mind endowment.

It would be good to hear from a Primary Midwater. (see George Barnard’s “Un-sung Heroes and Samuel’s Prayer,” May 3, 2014 – http://board.1111angels.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=23449 ). I put this intent out there for about 20 minutes or so, waiting to see some sign on my screen that my request had been heard. Usually when spirit makes contact with me, I see on my screen a tiny point of light, which fades rather quickly. This is my indicator that a spiritual circuit has been established. I saw that tiny light appear on my screen as I have seen so many times before. I said to spirit, “If you are a Primary Midwayer, I need to have a name.” Immediately as the last syllable rolled from my lips, I heard the name “Andrea.” I was so surprised and I immediately apologized if I called her away from any important work on the other side of the planet, for I know that many of the Midwayers are quite busy with all the turmoil in the Middle East and in Ukraine.

I was having a difficult time hearing what she was saying, because my dog, an old black Labrador, was sprawled out on the floor next to my bed and he was panting rather heavily, for it was a warm night. I asked Andrea if she had any influence over animals, and if so, could she compel the dog to get up and move to another room so I could hear her better. Again as I spoke these words, the dog got up and left my room, went down the hallway to drink some water, and then my son got up and let him go outside.

It was quiet now in my room and I was again ready to ‘listen.’ I sank into a deeper meditative state and I was asking questions of Andrea and listening for answers. I said to her, “Andrea, I am having a little trouble hearing you – only getting bits and pieces.” I then heard her say, “Let me switch circuits.” Just as I heard these words, my whole body jolted as if I had been electrically shocked, but without any pain. This same jolting of my whole body has happened many times to me in the past having a Self-Acting Thought Adjuster, the TA would often disconnect from me in the evening with this same shock-like reaction.

I could then hear Andrea much better and we had a nice chat about something – I cannot recall now, but soon my hearing would start to fade again. I asked Andrea if she could project an image onto my screen. I waited for about five minutes or so and nothing happened. She was still with me. Her presence was quite unique and unmistakable – like nothing else I had ever encountered or experienced with other beings of light – totally unique and delightful.

My wife at this point began to cuddle up to me and I thought to myself, ‘She never does this in the middle of the night – why would she disturb me now, when I am in the middle of this extraordinary experience?’ She started to speak to me – a few sentences – I don’t remember what she said, but I realized then, quite suddenly, having an ‘ah-ha’ moment, that it was Andrea speaking through my wife! I said to Andrea, “Ahh, how clever you are!” I then was somewhat disappointed that I could not recall what was said to me. My wife, also, had no memory of her speaking to me.

At this point, I began telling my wife about the incredible experience I just had with Andrea and I described who she was – a Primary Midwayer, and that she was over 200,000 years old, a high vibrational being that is mostly difficult for humans to hear – born from the Planetary Prince’s Staff and other details. After my explanation, I came out of my meditative state and realized I was not verbally speaking to my wife, but having a telepathic conversation! She woke up at this point and I verbally asked her if she remembered speaking to me. She said she did not. I then told her about the experience nearly verbatim as I had just done telepathically a few moments before. I asked her, “Do you remember the dog getting up and being let outside by one of the boys?” She said, “Yes, I remember.” She asked, “where is the dog now?” It was totally quiet in the room – the dog nowhere in the room (unusual, for he always sleeps in our room).

I got up and walked to the stairs and looked down into the landing. Our dog was fast asleep there, something he never does. I went back into the bedroom and told my wife where he was and I said, “I have to get up now and write. I cannot sleep.” As I walked down the stairs and stepped over the dog, he did not even stir. He was completely in a deep sleep! As I write this, it is 4:30 AM and I can still hear the dog snoring on the landing.

Note: This was an extraordinary experience. I kept reminding myself how unique it was and how different the presence of a Primary Midwayer was compared to other celestial beings I have had contact with, even Monjoronson, a Magisterial Son, whom I experience quite regularly. With most celestials, I get a color signature on my screen, but with Andrea, I did not – just the palpable feeling of her extraordinary presence. I cannot describe in words how it felt except that it was absolutely delightful. I look forward to more of these experiences.

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