Illawarra District, Australia, June 4, 2014.
Destiny Guardian, Juliette.
Subject: “Putting All Magic Aside” (shortened transmit).

Received by George Barnard.

Juliette: “The voice you ‘hear’ is that of one of our mutual Friends, a Midwayer, available to let my thoughts, feelings and words be known whenever my plea for contact is granted. I am one of the pair of Destiny Guardians belonging with this human loudspeaker. I am referred to by the name, Juliette. I am relatively old by your standards, greatly experienced, but young, by angelic standards, yet my Nebadon birth number is of extraordinary length.

George: “And there you are! Magic!”

Juliette: “The questions posed deal with predictions, and some of these come in different forms, whilst others are not predictions at all. When information dealing with a certain future event is made known to you, it can only initially come from Spirit – from our Mother Spirit, your Nebadon Creator Son, or any of myriad Thought Adjusters. Although occupying time-space, the Adjusters remaining linked to eternity, is how we will present the concept of their foreseeing future events.

“Simply, one might suggest the Gods and their offspring to be living in two worlds, possibly more, and in eternity time is not linear, but all-encompassing. Should a lowly angel such as I be provided with information pertaining to the future, and if I were to pass this on to you, such might still be a prediction to you, however, in our passing on such information, neither you nor I could claim to be predicting anything. And putting all magic aside, we are not in that game either.

“Should I be in possession of a great amount of detail and arrive at a calculated guess, once proved to be correct, still, it would not be a prediction. A guess, no matter how well informed, is not a prediction. Predictions are not regular events. In the life of the average mortal they are an absolute rarity. I want you to be particularly careful in accepting, or claiming, what might or might not be a prediction. When you look back over your life there were many happenings when you heard from us some item of news.

“In most instances they were our calculated guesses that certain things would likely occur. In the remainder of the instances they were our suggestions of future happenings, which we still had to make come about. When you subtract these from all the events, you will come to the conclusion that from us, from your Teachers, and from your Thought Adjuster, you only heard but a few, indeed, just scant actual predictions. And in most instances they had one only reason. On most occasions they were there as a warning for patients to be treated.

“Truly, dear friend, when such was the case, these events were simply a means of bringing us closer together, to teach you about intelligence in the morontia realm, and in spiritual realms, so that in time we would work as a team, and we would be about having transmissions go to multi-lingual lists. For us to know that all this would occur, we long ago needed a true prediction passed on from Friends on High.

That is all for now. I thank you both for your attention. We love you both. This is Juliette signing off.”

George: “We love you. You two are a great team.”

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