Alabama, US of A, July 13, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Always up to You.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The next bestowal mission from Paradise will have to wait until the inhabitants of this world are ready to accommodate it. This bestowal by an Avonal Son will not be to force you to make the needed changes. It will only be the arrival of a Teacher who will guide your efforts and who will be closer to you to help and guide you.

“The arrival of the Avonal Son in material form has been delayed, because at this time He would not have the required audience. It would be useless to speak of truths if you are not ready to listen, distracted by your struggles for power and your illusions of domination and superiority over your neighbors.

“The arrival of the Avonal Son will be a great spiritual awakening, but this awakening must be promoted by yourselves – by all men and women of this world. Haven’t you heard that ‘only when the student is ready, the teacher will arrive’? This is an opportunity that is waiting for you; waiting for the changes that are to be made exclusively by mortal progression. Do not be concerned since the Avonal Son will wait as long as is needed. He will not get tired or lose hope. He will not betray the mission assigned to Him by Michael.

“Your spiritual progress, and therefore your destiny, has always been up to you, individually and collectively. You are – and always will be – the architects of your own destiny, and in this age of your planetary development, it will be up to you to decide when the Avonal visit will come about.

“What can you do? Spread the word. May each one of you search within your heart for heavenly guidance and find the Divine Spark from God that lives within each one of you. Make an effort to understand and live the will of your Father, which is the best that could ever happen to you and which will bring you most satisfaction in your lives. All truth you need is already within you. Open your minds to this guidance and to the natural feelings that arise in all the hearts that sincerely desire truth, beauty, and goodness.

“May your individual lives be the catalyst for global change. Words can’t make a permanent change. More effective is it to have living examples motivating others to follow a higher path during their lives. Become the agents of God in this world, because that is the purpose of your existence – to do the job that your Father has entrusted to each one of you. The more you occupy yourselves with this task and accept your responsibility as universe citizens, the higher the spiritual level of this world will become, and the interest to know more and find answers will be greater. This is when the arrival of the Avonal Son will be most welcome, like a seed falling upon rich and fertile ground.”

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