Alabama, US of A, July 15, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “More About Changing Your Reality.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “A fair method of determining if a human endeavor is important is the test of time. Would that which you wish to achieve have been worthwhile a thousand years ago? Would it be worthwhile a thousand years from now? This should provide a clear indication of how relevant a goal may be. If your goal is to do something good for your siblings in this world and promote the reality of a better world, this goal would stand the test of time. If your goal is to buy the latest car or the latest gadget, this would not stand the test of time. However, some endeavors are by their nature bound to time. You have to cook dinner tonight before going to sleep, otherwise your family will be hungry. Tomorrow might be too late.

“When it comes to human endeavors you should learn to separate what you wish to achieve from what you expect to obtain in material benefits. You will find that many times you impose conditions upon what you want to do, which prevent you from doing it. For example, consider a writer who wants to promote her ideas to better humanity. However, this writer never finds a publishing house or a literary agent willing to promote those ideas and therefore the ideas will never be shared. Now, if this writer realizes that becoming famous or gaining the recognition of her peers has nothing to do with what her soul desires to express, she may find a way to get her message out there by writing a book and giving it away to all. In this example, the sharing of the writer’s ideas was only being limited by the writer’s expectations. Consider that many of the great writings of ancient times, which still resonate with us today, were written anonymously by people simply motivated to share and preserve their knowledge of the truth.

“The problem arises when you associate the importance of your goal and your happiness with the amount of your material rewards. In this world, at this time, the greatest and most noble efforts are seldom rewarded. This is the reason why those mortals who dedicate themselves to achieving their soul endeavors – their offerings to the Father – without expecting anything in return, are so valuable. It is because they will achieve their higher goals for the benefit of all.

“However, all those who do things for the Father and for their peers will enjoy many rewards in the next worlds, and even when you have no idea about what these rewards are, be sure that looking back from higher levels you will know for certain how much your decisions, actions, and the lessons you learned, moved you closer to perfection – the ultimate goal.

“Human beings are in control of their reality, but remember that reality is a collective creation and the sum of the contributions of everyone. Consider the example of two brothers. One is angry and wants nothing to do with his brother. The other one wishes to reconcile and leave the differences behind. Could a reconciliation take place? It will not, as long as one of the brothers is unwilling to forgive and forget. Therefore, even when one of the brothers is not angry with the other one, the reality for both would be that they are separated, distant, and their relationship has been interrupted.

“Now take this example and apply it to a group of seven billion brothers and sisters, each one with different feelings, ways of thinking, beliefs, and expectations. Would it be possible for some to not achieve what they desire? Certainly! You are not meant to think the same way, but only when you find unity of purpose among all human beings, your reality will be completely under your control. When all of you decide to have peace, there will be peace. Today a few among you desire peace but are in the midst of ‘wars and rumors of war’ promoted by those who are misguided by material goals and the most disparate reasons. However, each one of you can do a lot to bring light to the darkness and confusion that runs rampant in your world. This is the Will of your Father – that His children do what He would do in their place – so in the end His Will of love and compassion will prevail.”

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