Illawarra District, Australia, June 23, 2014.
Teacher Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “Apply to Your Planetary Prince.”

Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: “… all in all, too little is understood about the function of a Planetary Prince, at least as is the case under normal circumstances. A Planetary Prince has myriad tasks, although his entourage of workers is considerably diverse, and certainly most numerous. For ages your planet was without regular spiritual leadership, and until the end of Michael’s final bestowal this was the case.

“At that point in time, as is universal regulation, the local universe’s Creator Son becomes the Planetary Prince, although another may be appointed by Him to rule in His stead. It was more than deserved for Machiventa Melchizedek to be given that task, if only by virtue of his great achievements during his time on Urantia in Abraham’s days. Recently, this Melchizedek was appointed to that task ‘in his own right’, as Michael divested Himself of the title, and the responsibility.

“Quite unnoticed by his mortal subjects, Machiventa and those of his order work tirelessly on both governing the spiritual side of the planet, as well as directing the Correcting Time efforts through Progress and the more-Churches-oriented Teaching Mission. Primary and Secondary Midwayers – local and alien, counted in the thousands – make up but part of his standard workforce. The growing part of his helpers and underlings is the progressive band of mortals of all races, colors, genders, creeds and nationalities.

“There is no greater spiritual achievement a mere mortal can attain than to belong to those who are in the service of Machiventa, and thereby of our Michael, Mother Nebadonia and the Father Creator. There is no pressure… but what a cause to be a part of the one single aim of the entire multiverse – perfection! Perfection in Truth, in Beauty and in Goodness – perfection in Love! The application to join the Prince’s ‘stable’ of workers needs to only be desired, and your Guardian Angel will pass on your application to the Prince.

“The life of a mortal in alliance with the Planetary Prince’s Midwayers, Angels and Teachers will unlikely be one of ease. Essentially, though, it will be the most rewarding to look back on from higher realms. You have my personal guarantee on that.

“This is Samuel of Panoptia, reminding you all about regular meditation, and leaving you my love.”

Note: The Panoptian was a botanist and ethical bio-chemist on his evolutionary world. He worked with Life Carriers, and thus with Midwayers, also.

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