Chicago, US of A, June 24, 2014.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “On Revelatory Claims.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “You have been concerned about recent claims of significant changes to the spiritual order of your planet. I think it is an opportune time for me to express some thoughts that may help you in assessing these revelatory claims.

“Although evolutionary religion has interpreted God’s interaction with man as one of an impositional kind, that is not how God works, but how some religionists perceive it. The will of God will prevail in the Master Universe through increasingly conscious and willing cooperation of His creatures, and through the evolutionary way, not by imposition, or by arbitrary interference. The bestowal of Christ Michael on Urantia gave him all power in this local universe of Nebadon, and he could rightfully exert total authority in any situation. However, as you have been informed, even after receiving this authority from the Father, he waited for the Uversa adjudication of Lucifer and his rebellion. Our Creator Son, like the Father, does not impose his way, but rather he teaches and influences his way by setting examples.

“The Correcting Time, now established on Urantia, is a transitional period on your planet, intended to direct this sphere onto its normal course, after all the disruption caused by Lucifer Rebellion. The Correcting Time period was personally designed and mandated by Christ Michael, who embodies the will of the Father in Nebadon. The Father, once and for all past and future times, said about this Son: ‘In Him I am pleased.’ The Father does not personally command the local universes in which a Creator Son completed his many bestowals. The Father governs the local universes through His Michael Master Sons, who he irrevocable trusts. When a Magisterial Son comes to a sphere, He comes under the authority of this Creator Son. No Divine Son, except the Adams and Eves from the local universes, are ever involved in the political government of any planet. The work of the Magisterial Sons is to augment through their successive missions the spiritual consciousness of the planetary races.

“You have heard the promise of our Creator Son that one day he will come back to Urantia. However, it is a mistake to think that he will come to establish his visible Kingdom on earth, as many have preached for almost two millennia. Christ Michael’s universal government won’t be transferred from Salvington to Urantia. Your planet is indeed much loved by your Creator Son and it did have the distinction of having Him as the Planetary Prince, a position which is now filled by Machiventa Melchizedek, the one-time Sage of Salem. When your Creator Son returns to your world, it will most probably be a ministry visitation, as for that reason he visits many other worlds in his domain. Perhaps he may come in connection with some tribulation events that were prophesied by prophets of old, by himself, and even by his followers.

“It is understandable that Urantians who are familiar with the new written revelations brought about in the previous century, embodied in a book, wonder if and when your planet will be welcoming a Magisterial Mission. It is advisable that when looking for answers regarding this matter, you observe that the Revelators are extremely cautious in advancing information on that subject, since these issues are the exclusive prerogative of your Sovereign, Christ Michael. Will you keep in mind that your receivers of celestial messages are not infallible, and that their own desires and convictions may interfere with genuine transmissions from spiritual channels? Finally, be aware that any change in the spiritual administration of Urantia will first be announced to your Planetary Prince, Machiventa, as he, as well as the Constellations Fathers, will necessarily be involved in the process.

“I am Prolotheos, your celestial tutor.”

Note: On very rare occasions, a Magisterial Son visiting and teaching on an evolutionary planet may later, in addition, be given the task of Ruler of that planet.

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