Illawarra District, Australia, July 3, 2014.
Thuroc the Entertainer.
Subject: “Complacency, Balance and Spiritual Illumination.”
(A more personal message).

Received by George Barnard.

Thuroc: “My short stays in this country are always enjoyed. Since the early years of this century, I have made myself a dear friend on the Australian continent, and traveling here always feels like taking off on a holiday. I present myself here now, and in looking at the receiver, I ask myself if he is awake? Perhaps. Is he asleep? Nah! In meditation? Perhaps. Is he ready? Who knows! This is Thuroc the Entertainer with, however, merely just an ordinary answer or two.

“This evening, first of all, I wish to speak to you about complacency. All over the western world, in particular, we are seeing those who are utterly complacent. They remind me of mice crawling into a trap, gorging themselves on what is laid out for them, to sooner or later chew through the thread that drops a hatch into the shute, and it will be trapped. I see complacency all around me, and it concerns me that so many are already suffering, and not properly cared for. Not many are ready for present tough times to become rather more difficult.

“So many are hungry, having not enough to eat. So many are without housing, having lost their homes. So many cannot afford to pay rent, having no jobs. And it concerns me that it is difficult for them to keep themselves warm. For those that still have a job, or a business, or a trade, I see too much complacency and they should more often reach out with a helping hand. In your caring for others beside yourself, you live a more balanced life. Knowledge, prayers and self-organization is not enough. Do become part of the herd, and share.

“That is my message so far. We will need to finish this when you are sharper. Let me know when you are ready. You need only call out my name. I am Thuroc.

Later: “During mortal life, a decidedly strenuous effort is needed for you to become, and remain, balanced, in what you eat, in what you do, in how you think, and how you feel. A balanced human being – and remember, I did not say advanced – is more real, is stronger, and more capable of dealing with trauma to the system. And this human will deal better with shocks, both positive and negative, than does the Specialist. I need not recite for you any of the many calamities that can befall a human in this irregular world.

“It is in all-round balance that one can absorb the shock of sudden spiritual enlightenment without undue discomfort. It is the Specialist – and you are well aware of the greatly advanced ones, such as Blaise Pascal and Sören Kierkegaard – who pays the price of confusion, turmoil and muddle upon receiving this great gift. One’s ‘undiluted’ attention upon one single subject over all, or on most others, may well portray the birth of fanaticism and may well bring unreality, even insanity, upon receipt of the gift of spiritual illumination.

“For billions of years this universe of universes has existed, and yet it has hardly begun. There is no hurry, ever, but for one to start to progress in this life, and carry on into eternity, always finding balance. This is Thuroc, filling in some blank spaces at your request. Adieu, my friends and occasional students.”

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