Alabama, US of A, July 20, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Your Place in This World.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “It is easy for many among you to feel irrelevant or even redundant in this world. Do not determine your value by comparing yourself to others. You do not need to achieve anything special no one else has achieved in order to claim your individuality. You don’t have to accomplish the goals society considers important in order for you to declare your value. The fact is that you are already unique, and there is no one else like you. Our Father has created you to be who you are and thus achieve the highest expression of your personality by becoming increasingly more like God.

“A better way to assert your value, and feel useful, is to first look where you are and what you can do in your particular situation. Focus your attention on where you are most needed. If you have children, consider that nobody else can be their father or mother, and prepare them for a life rich in spiritual growth. You are the chosen one for that particular task, and even when others could take your place, you can do a great job in this area of your life. Your task could probably be performed by a million other people, but right now you are the one who is there, the only one who can do it the best way possible. Be sure that your Father will always place you right where you are needed, an even when any other human being could take care of the same situation, it will be up to you to take advantage of the opportunity to act wherever you find yourself.

“It is the same for all of you. Problems arise when everybody desires to achieve the same goals, guided by material impulses, the desires of their own ego, and what the majority considers to be a success. A world filled with only poets and singers would collapse. A civilization exclusively peopled by scientists would perish by their use of knowledge without true wisdom. A nation where everybody’s goal is the procurement of money is destined for failure.

“Great men and women in the eyes of our Father are those who face the circumstances in which they find themselves, decide to take responsibility, and take action. The problems in this world are solved by those who encounter them in their path and decide to do something about them. Many times this simple truth goes unnoticed, because those who solve problems and offer solutions for a more spiritual life in their families or communities are seldom recognized by the media.

“You are here because the Father has placed you here. Your decisions of the past have also contributed to your situation of the present, and as you learn to make decisions that are more in harmony with your Father’s will, you will find yourself in situations that are closer to what the Father desires for you. The work for the Kingdom has to be done here and now. Do not wait for the ideal situation to arrive. Do not impose conditions, or force pre-requisites, on yourself for doing what you feel inspired to do. Let yourself be guided and you will find your true purpose, the one not subject to the lies of the world, or the false expectations of society.”

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