Chicago, US of A, June 12, 2014.
Teacher Hezekiah.
Subject: “Celestial Changes.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Hezekiah: “When you arrive on Mansion World Number One, you will have gained nothing in personal spiritual status. At your passing, your guardian angel retrieves your personality factors, and she will keep them ‘intact’ until the time you will be reconstituted an active (former human) morontia being here on High. However, there will be some changes. In substance, you remain the same, but here you will find yourself in a different universe location (on a mansion world of Satania), and in a different dimension, (morontial). There are at least three important instrumental changes that will have occurred with you as you restart your journey here on Mansonia.

“First off, you will notice that you are in possession of a new body. This new body resembles the human body you had on Urantia, but it is equipped with extra, as well as improved morontia senses. It also does not feature sexual organs, or means for waste elimination, since a morontia body is non reproductive and fully digests all food ingested. Upon your having been reassembled here, your first morontia body is a heavier one compared to the following ones you will receive. Your morontia body will change, becoming lighter and lighter, and by the time you reach Salvington, you will have become a first stage spirit.

“Furthermore, the mind circuit of Urantia is different to those of the morontia worlds. Here you will partake of the Cosmic Mind as our Mother Spirit, Nebadonia, represents it in the Universe of Nebadon. The Cosmic Mind is a mindal connection bestowed upon all morontia and spiritual beings, but the Deities and the High Sons possess deity minds. When you awaken on Mansonia, due to the Cosmic Mind, you will more closely perceive the presence and communication of your Thought Adjuster, until when you will fuse with Him (Her), when He (She) will become one with you.

“Here you will be translated to a new way of life. A morontia culture is greatly more advanced than that of Urantia. At first, by living together with others beings of human origin, you will start in Mansonia One to experience an overall culture that is marked by a more elevated spiritual consciousness – one comparable to your world having reached the Light and Life Era. Concerning activities, your life on the morontia worlds will not be much different from your life now. There you will continue where you left off here, and you will still make time for study, work, rest and leisure.

“As you can see, even as you will not immediately change your essence, several changes will accompany your re-personalization here on Mansonia. Here, each and every provision will be made for you to continue your progress on the Father’s path, pursuing the goal of perfecting yourself as He is perfect. Here, you will be part of a better world, so you too will become a better person. This is your teacher Hezekiah. I talk of what I know from personal experience, for long ago I was just like you on Urantia, but today I enjoy citizenship on Jerusem. Peace to all.”

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