Alabama, US of A, July 21, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Talents and Expectations.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “When a person explores her talents and discovers even a hint of her purpose in life, this realization brings with it great joy. How is it then that so many, even when they are doing that for which they are naturally predisposed, still don’t feel this profound satisfaction? This often happens when they let themselves be swayed by material appearances and human expectations.

“A homemaker may feel she is achieving something important by dedicating her time to the care of her children, at the expense of other forms of self-expression. However, others may make her feel useless because she is not making money or doing something else that society would deem to be more valuable. This is not to suggest that ‘the place of a woman is in the kitchen’, but to highlight the fact that everyone should have the freedom to choose their very own way of contributing to civilization without being misguided by others and their ways of thinking.

“There are many examples in this regard. Consider a young man who wishes to become a farmer and has a great aptitude for it, but is forced to become a doctor or an engineer because these are more ‘prestigious’ endeavors. Consider an artist who renounces her abilities because she can’t find a decent way to make a living with art. Consider a politician who wants to promote ideas of peace and equality but never gets the chance to do it because he doesn’t have the resources to compete against the powerful. With all these examples it is the group – community, society, nation – who influences the outcome of an individual’s aspirations by passing judgment on what is considered to be important or unimportant. And what is a group if not the collective decisions and actions of each and every one of you?

“In this world it is possible that you may not devote yourself to those endeavors in which you could achieve excellence because of your natural potential. Many lives have passed without mortals even suspecting the talents hidden within their being. Eternity, however, will provide plenty of opportunities to help your achieve your highest potential and let you experience the joy of self-discovery in your finding a unique and original way to express God through your distinctive personality.

“However, while you are living here in the flesh, do everything you can to explore, and move beyond your comfort zone, to attempt adventures in different areas of knowledge and expression. This life is the initial step of your entry into eternity, and the more you learn about yourself the better prepared you will be for the next level of your existence. Manage your time to be able to explore and learn new things while you are still struggling for material survival in this world.”

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